How To Make YouTube Videos For Beginners

If you think finding the perfect tags or keywords is the first step to creating amazing video content on YouTube, I'm about to blow your mind. Because there's more to growth on YouTube than just keywords.

In this week's video, we're digging into 4 steps you should take to make YouTube worth your time and effort. After all, your time is your most precious commodity so we have to make the most of it! We're going to dig into how to get started, how to make better videos and more.

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5 Online Business Ideas To Make Money in 2019

Chances are you've been told stories of people making loads of money online. They're telling you that you can set your own hours and be your own boss and it'll be great. That all may be true but so often people find themselves in a rut trying to figure out what they want to do to create a profitable business and how to get started.

This week, we're digging into ways you can start making money with your own business doing things you know how to do and maybe even love doing. But don't worry, I'm not dropping ideas and running. Instead, I'll even share some first steps to make your time as a business owner even better.

Online Courses

First of all, this isn't as easy as people make it seem. Let's start there. But creating courses for people to learn from is one way you can make money online. By teaching other something you already know, you're building your authority while making a profit.


You've probably seen this a time or two, amiright? Coaching or consulting is a way of offering knowledge and support to individuals. It's a like an ecourse without the course! Not only is this a great way to offer support in areas you know, you also get to offer accountability and that's something that so many people are seeking.


Selling services is nothing to shy away from! There are so many different things you can offer that are profitable. Maybe you love cleaning, start a cleaning service. Or a meal prep service!

Personal/Virtual Assistant

There are so many things that people are doing these days that they often need a right hand person to help them stay on track. Myself included! I know my time is better spent on the things I'm passionate about so I have an assistant to help keep things running. This is a great offering for those that need some additional support in their businesses and lives.


Sure you can make money from YouTube ads but the truth is that it's important to have a business model OFF of YouTube so you're not relying on ads. Instead, use YouTube as a platform to market your business so that you're generating leads more easily!


YouTube Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know!

You've been dreaming of this moment. Your very own YouTube channel. Ideas are flowing, the excitement is building in you... but wait! Now you're feeling that overwhelm kick in! How do you do this? What's the best way to make it work harder for you?

Friend, I've got you covered, no worries!

Being a beginner YouTuber doesn't have to be scary. In fact, I'm going to take all the apprehension out of YouTube for you right now. We're going to dig into YouTube Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know!

I'm going to walk you through everything you need to know about how to start your channel, what gear you'll need to be totally legit and we'll even dig into how you can look natural on camera. Which, by the way, is super important.

But we're not stopping there. I'm also spilling my secrets on how to find popular video ideas and the YouTube analytics you should be tracking so you can grow your channel.

Ready to rock this new journey?