Use LinkedIn To Make More Money In Your Business (even if you never used LinkedIn!)

Adding another social media platform to your routine might sound absolutely overwhelming. In fact, most of us tend to forget that a certain platform even exists. That platform is LinkedIn and friend, this can be absolutely game changing for your business.

In this video, we're digging into 3 quick ways you can use LinkedIn and see results. And guess what? It'll be even faster than Instagram.

Since I'm beginning my journey with LinkedIn, I decided to call in an expert. Cassandra Thompson is an expert on LinkedIn and she's breaking down 3 simple steps to use LinkedIn. And psst, you can check out my video on her channel too!

Post 2-3 Times Per Week

The most important thing to growing your LinkedIn is actually being active on your account. This means posting consistently, 2 to 3 times per week. Posting like this helps build your business and brand reputation and really helps people to get to know your business.

Now many people think that this is a corporate-specific platform but that's completely wrong. LinkedIn is BUSINESS specific, and there's a difference. If you're working as a sewing business owner, you can share sewing related content. You can share the behind the scenes of your messy desk, share your lunch- the key is to tie it into your business. You want to make sure your posts are in the realm of business and professionalism.

Build Leads and Brand Connections

If you've been dying to work with a specific brand or business, now is the time for you to build that connection! On LinkedIn, you're allowed to actually connect with brand managers or other brand marketing members.

The best part? This isn't a follow type platform. By connecting with someone on LinkedIn, they're given the ability to see your content as well. This means that they're going to see the quality that you put out and YOU will be on their mind when it comes time for them to pick partners for their business.

Find Business Adjacent Work

LinkedIn can help you do more than just connect with others through their networking platform. You're able to create real opportunities that you desire through it as well! For example, maybe you're interested in being a podcast guest. You can put that in your profile and as people are searching, they'll see that.

Meaning you'll have more people coming to you for your specific needs as opposed to you hunting them down!

LinkedIn is a goldmine waiting for you to dig into. With these tips, you're ready to take it on and make it work for you!