15 Video Ideas for Your First YouTube Video

You're ready to jump into YouTube but you're stuck on one important thing. What is your first video going to be about? Now I'll be the first to tell you that done is better than perfect but when it comes to your YouTube channel, you want to start out on the right foot.

This week, we're digging into 15 video ideas for your first (or next!) YouTube video.

How To Videos

These videos are perfect videos to start YouTube with since most people are taking to YouTube to learn how to do things. This is a great way to show your expertise in your niche and share a little of your know how.


No matter what industry you're in, there are certain tools of the trade that people use. Grab a few of those tools and compare them! This really helps build that "know like trust" when you show the real behind your tools.


People are looking to find trustworthy reviews for products or services they're interested in. Review something related to your industry and give your honest opinion. Good, bad and everything in between.

Screen Tutorials

Haven't quite mustered up the courage to film your face? No worries! You can absolutely start filming. Just film a screen tutorial! Show how to use software or a program.

Case Studies

This is an AMAZING way to really showcase the results that you can help achieve. Highlight a customer or client and break down their success and how you helped make that happen or how they made it happen.


One thing is SO TRUE. People love hearing about other people's mistakes. In fact, anytime my clients or I film a video with the word "mistake" in the title, the views skyrocket. Share a mistake you've made and how you rectified it.


There's always some advice you're dying to give someone. Instead of saving it for your online BFF, share it with your audience. Give advice around your niche.


There's nothing more fun than watching a brand new product be unboxed. Aside from unboxing it yourself! Share the unboxing of a product you know your audience is interested in to let them see what they'd be getting if they bought it!


Do it yourself videos are SO popular. Share a DIY tutorial with your audience. This can work for so many niches, you just need to be creative!


Want something visually engaging? Give a tour. You can tour your home, your office, your refrigerator, the sky is the limit here. People love to see how other's live so this is very appealing to most viewers.


Share your favorite tools and why they're your favorite! This will help your audience learn what tools they should be using and will help you earn the rank of someone they can trust.

Day in the Life

Now this video is a little in depth but it is so much fun. People are generally nosy and want to know what other people are up to. This plays right into that. Film your day and create a kind of vlog that shows what your life is like!


This is pretty much a YouTube must. Routine videos are incredibly popular and the reason is clear. We're all looking to refine our own routines! Take some time to share a routine you have. This could be your work routine, morning routine, workout routine- anything goes!

Channel Trailer

This is the video that is going to show what your channel is all about. The video that will be displayed for new viewers when they visit your channel. And truly, this is a great place to start!

Sales Video

This one is the hardest for most entrepreneurs because they don't want to come across as "salesy." However, creating a video sharing what your offering, who it's for and why it's beneficial is a powerful marketing tool!

No matter what idea you go with, remember, done is better than perfect and I cannot wait to see you grow on YouTube!

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