How to START and GROW Your YouTube Channel from Scratch

You’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube channel, but you’re hesitant… is it really an effective use of your time? Can it really enhance your business that much?

You’ve been creating and posting YouTube videos but haven’t seen any growth… subscriber count isn’t increasing, number of likes isn’t rising. Is anyone actually watching?!

If either of these scenarios sounds familiar, this video is for YOU!

I want to share some of my biggest tips (and secrets!) for starting and growing a successful YouTube channel. Stop doing the wrong things and focus your efforts on what works!

  1. POST VIDEOS! Yes, you actually have to post videos for people to see them on your channel :)

  2. TELL PEOPLE. Use the audience you already have: FRIENDS & FAMILY! A view is a view.

  3. FOCUS ON A NICHE - What are you trying to teach your audience? What are you trying to sell? Most importantly…

    What VALUE does your channel bring to the viewer?

  4. BECOME A STUDENT! Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators says, “You have to watch YouTube videos to understand YouTube.” Spend 15-30 minutes watching videos.

    BONUS: like and comment! After all, it is a community-building platform!

  5. DO THE BASICS: Utilize YouTube best practices - create good TITLES and THUMBNAILS!

  6. BE CONSISTENT. Once a week, once every other week, either is okay! People will get excited and start to plan their days around your launch time. Remember, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY!

  7. CREATE DISCOVERABLE CONTENT. People love HOW-TO videos, learning new TIPS and TRICKS and hearing ADVICE, and they’re constantly searching for it. Plan these types of videos!

    (watch the video to hear about the process and tools I use to make sure I can post consistently) 

  8. CREATE BINGEABLE CONTENT. Adopt a Netflix mentality and create Netflix-style videos. Your videos should relate and interlock… tell your viewers to watch the next relevant video!

Want to know more? Watch the full video and then let me know… what are your biggest questions about starting or growing a YouTube channel? How are you planning to implement what you just learned?!

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