How To Plan Your Day [and Actually Get More Done]!

Are you struggling to get it all done? You're busy all day but still feel like very little has been accomplished by the time you go to bed?  Girl, I was there!

We all start our days with a list of things to get done, but then that phone call goes longer than expected, another task took double the amount of time you thought it would, and traffic was so backed up you never even made it where you were trying to go!  It can be maddening!

This past year I've made a MAJOR to be more strategic with my time... It wasn’t fixed overnight, but now and I'm getting everything done AND taking 3-day weekends. 

Your first problem: your To-do list!

Get granular here… put EVERYTHING on it. Now assign realistic time estimates for every little thing.

Then evaluate every task you’ve written down and categorize it using Steven Covey’s time management matrix.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  I’ll explain it in the video!

We also have to filter importance through our own lenses that apply most to our lives. I tell you all about my lenses too!

Here’s my (very) simplified process:

  • Step 1: Brain dump ALL the things… I LOVE paper for this!

  • Step 2: Open Google Calendar... I LIVE by this!

  • Step 3: BLOCK TIME!

  • Step 4: Evaluate AGAIN!  Remember there are only 8 hours in a day…

  • Step 5: Add real life things!  This includes eating, showering, your workout, SELF CARE is important!

  • Step 6: Write it down!  There’s nothing more satisfying that putting a nice big checkmark next to a completed task, am I right?

Don’t know where to start? Pick your BIG 3.  If you were only able to complete 3 things in your day and be happy… what are they?

And remember… give yourself the space to be flexible!  Life happens: kids get sick, clients have emergencies and that’s okay. Sometimes I work on a Friday if I need to, but I plan for NOT working Fridays and this system gives me the ability to do that!