How To Make Your Online Course More Successful

You created a course but it didn’t sell as well as you hoped.


You are thinking about creating a course and you really want it to be a success.


You want to increase the quality and ultimately price of a course you already have.

So what’s the one thing you NEED to incorporate to succeed and reach your goals with your online course?


HowToLearn found; “Research shows that when video and multimedia are implemented in schools, students are more engaged, teacher performance improves and student-teacher interaction is greater. Multimedia allows for mobile learning, so location is not an issue. It also provides flexibility with teaching and learning methods. Since some students are visual learners while others are auditory learners, multimedia enables them to learn in the way they are most comfortable. It also promotes collaboration through blogs, discussion boards and social networks.”

You spent so much time creating amazing content, outlining it, organizing it, creating interactive worksheets and checklists, lets not let all that hard work go to waste.

Today I wanted to share with you 3 reasons why your course will need video content to really boost your sales and have a successful launch.

Click image below to watch the video version!


1.     Incorporating video into your online course builds trust in you and your course. 

By letting people actually get to see on you video and getting to know who they are learning from, they are going to trust more of what you have to say. 

Why is this essential?  The more trust you can build with your audience, the more authority you are going to build this your students.  Building your authority in your niche is going to help you become the “Go To” expert.  Your students are going to share your course to their followers, they will want to buy more from you and this will ultimately build you a loyal community of students and followers.

2.     Providing video in your course varies the delivery method. 

Not everyone learns the same way.  Some learn better through text, some learn better through audio and some learn better through multimedia engagement.  By offering video not only can you transcribe these videos into text for the text learners; you can also include just the audio file for those students who like to learn on the go. 

Your ultimate goal with your course is to provide content that promotes student engagement, enhances their learning experience and by the end of they course they leave knowing something they didn’t before.  By providing multiple ways of learning, this will help with student retention and they will retain more of the content when delivered visually.  The happier your students are with you course, the more likely the will buy another product or service from you and recommend your course to their friends and followers.

3.     Courses with video have a higher perceived value.

When you offer video learning in your course you can charge more for the course.  Video is seen as more professional, which is why you will be able to charge more.  Not only is video seen as more professional, now a days most people expect video in an online course.  If your competitors are offering video through out their course, your potential students will buy their course over yours.  It’s just a perceived notion now that course with video are “the real deal” and people are willing to pay more when video is involved.


So how can you incorporate video into your course?  Maybe you don’t like talking on camera.  Maybe you don’t like being on camera.  Maybe you aren’t even sure what types of video you should create for your course!


Here are a few tips to get started creating videos for your course!

1.     Make sure you keep your videos short, under 10 minutes.  If you have a lot to share, break up the content into shorter videos.  Your students will be much more likely to finish and retain the content in shorter videos.

2.     Interview an expert in your industry to include as a bonus or interview a client (someone your content has helped before).  By showing proof your content works, you will be building your authority and trust.

3.     If you don’t like being on camera, use a slide show to present your content and add a voiceover of you going through the presentation.  Again, this is important for those students who retain content better through multimedia presentations.

4.     You personally introduce each module through video.  Grab your phone and record yourself explaining what they will learn through out the module and give them a call to action to complete once they work through the module.  Promoting interaction will also help with student retention and motivation to complete the course.

5.     Screen share your computer or include a tutorial.  Visual learners with LOVE THIS!  Instead of you just including a step by step worksheet on how to complete something, show them your computer and walk them through the actually process on video!

6.     Provide a demonstration.  Maybe you stand in front of a white board explaining the process or writing out the key take-aways.  Anything to keep students engaged and delivering the content in multiple was to consumer. 


Remember, the happier your students are, the more money you are going to make!

Not sure what tools you need to get started with video?  I got you covered!  Download my list of budget friend options PLUS options for PC and Mac users!  These are highly recommend programs, software and equipment!  Enter you email address below to get the list and ensure your video content is top of the line!