Video Content Ideas For Event Planners

One of the hardest parts when it comes to creating video content for you business is coming up with ideas for videos!  You know video is great for building your know, like and trust with your audience and you know it can really build your authority as the “Go To” in your niche… you just don’t know what to make a video about!

This is exactly why I started a series on my blog and Youtube channel providing video ideas for different industries.  So far I’ve covered Etsy Shops, Business Coaches, Social Media Managers and Brand Strategist.

Today I’m providing Event Planners 3 video ideas to help them get started in the video content process!  Keep in mind video does not have to be complicated!  Record on your phone in front a bright a video.  The key to you video success is the content you are sharing.  People will click on your video to have a question answered.  You will want to make sure you have quality content for them to take away. 

Offering video is going to instantly build your authority and you are going to see more traffic to your website!

Click the video below to get 3 video ideas for Event Planners


Next Steps:

  • If you are ready to incorporate video content into your website and business strategy but still have no idea what to make videos about, let me do the hard part for you!  You can purchase 52 video ideas (that’s one video per week for an entire year) customize specifically to your industry.  To learn more or buy this amazing offer, click here!
  • Leave a comment!  What are you struggling with most when it comes to creating video?  Or what industry would you like me to feature next?
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