How To TRIPLE Your Views on Youtube with End Screens

Can we talk about how to get more views on YouTube with end screens? Seriously, this is almost magical. If you're wondering how to get views on YouTube or you're feeling stuck, now is the time for you to dig into your end screens.

In this video, we're not only going to talk about how to views on YouTube but also how to get MORE views on YouTube without having to spend a ton of extra time on it. I'm going to show you how to use end screens and by the end of this quick fix, you'll know how to get more views in 2019.


You MUST DO THIS Before Starting a YouTube Channel

It's time to start a YouTube channel. You're excited and a little nervous but still ready! Or maybe you've been on YouTube for a while but you're not seeing the traction you'd hoped for. In this video, we're going to be talking about what to do before you start on YouTube.

Getting started on YouTube doesn't have to be complicated and you don't have to do it aimlessly. In fact, it's time to end the spaghetti at the wall tactics and get strategic. We're going to dig into everything you need to do to create a solid strategy to help you reach the level of success you've been waiting for!


Without a plan, you literally have no way of knowing where you're going. It's like taking a road trip with no map or directions. You may end up somewhere but not necessarily where you want to go. Instead, create a plan that will help you reach your YouTube goals!


You probably don't even realize it but branding plays a HUGE role for your YouTube channel. This is what helps you stand out in your market so that when people see certain colors or fonts, they're going to know it's your videos! I suggest picking 2 or 3 colors and 1 or 2 fonts to really represent your brand and stick with them. This will help your audience learn to recognize YOUR content.


As tempting as it can be to just create whatever content you want, it's important to have a strategy. Use a tool like TubeBuddy to help you start researching topics. Collect topic ideas based off of what's working on YouTube and where you can stand out among those topics.

Once you have a list of topics, you can start to create playlist ideas based off of themes.


This can feel like a huge waste of time but scripting your content will help you get through filming while ensuring you say everything you need to say. Now if reading from a script feels difficult for you, you can even create a rough outline to help guide you. The most important elements to remember here are your hook and your call to action.


One of the best ways to reach success is with a strong schedule. And I'm not just talking about scheduling your videos! Schedule a time to batch record content. This means block off time to record several videos at once so that you can be consistently posting on YouTube.


Once you've done all of this, it's important to look at the analytics. This is the data you NEED to grow on YouTube and build a channel that will continue to get more views and subscribers and even more clients to your business.


How To Create A YouTube Playlist That Gets You More Views

I know you want to know how to create a YouTube playlist. And I really can't wait to tell you about it because it's one of the best YouTube tops I can give you! While many think the key to success on YouTube is complicated, one of the most important things you can do is create Netflix style, binge-worthy playlists.

In this video, I'm going to be sharing how to make a playlist on YouTube. We're going to dig into the foundations of YouTube playlists and what it takes to set them up. This quick fix is sure to rock your world!