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How To Optimize A Youtube Channel

how to optimize a youtube channel

Today I’m sharing my top tips to optimize your youtube channel to ensure your target audience is finding your content!  

This is the second video in series I created to help you get your business on Youtube.  To what the first video in this series, How To Brand Your Channel, click here.

Most people don’t realize Youtube has many different features to customize for search engine optimization.  By customizing these few things on your channel, you will make your videos easier to find and allow you to take full advantage of the benefits Youtube has to offer!

To get my 4 tips for channel optimization watch the video below.


The four places to optimize your channel are:

  1. Channel Name

  2. About Section

  3. Channel Keywords

  4. Channel trailer

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Are you thinking of starting a Youtube channel for your business?  Share your channel link below!  And let me know what’s your number one struggle when it comes to figuring out Youtube!


How To Use Youtube For Business

Have you thought about using video content for your business but you aren't really sure where to begin?  You know it's important to have video but you just aren't sure how to exactly use it in your business strategy?  How will it grow your business?

In today's video I'm sharing with you 3 easy ways you can use Youtube and video content to grow your business!

Key Take Aways

  • Demonstrate your expertise by sharing helpful tips and tricks.  This not only builds your authority but your Know Like and Trust Factor.
  • Create tutorials to show people what it's like to work with you.  Teach them something helpful and they will remember you when the time comes to buy from you!
  • Have a strong Call To Action.  This is how you are going to get viewers on your email list.  Have an opt-in associated with your video that people will want to download to learn more about!

Are you ready to up your Youtube channel game?  I have a 4 day challenge to help you brand and improve the look and SEO of your channel to ensure you are not only attracting viewers but the viewers that are your DREAM clients!  This challenge takes only 15 minutes a day to really take your channel to the next level!  Enter your email address below to get started today!

Leave a comment below if you are thinking about starting a Youtube Channel and what's the most difficult part for you to get started!?

How To Use Youtube For Your Business (Guest Post on Jessica Rasdall)

A good friend and client of mine asked me to do a guest post over on her blog, Jessica Rasdall.

I wanted to share with you the content I provided over on her website if you missed it.

If you still aren't sure how you could really incorporate video content into your business strategy, I'm giving you 3 reasons why you need to be leveraging Youtube in your marketing and business strategy!

Watch My 3 Reasons Below! 

Key Take-aways 

  • Creating video can build your authority faster than any other medium
  • Video can provide the social proof a potential client needs to hire you
  • Showing behind the scenes of you business humanizes you and builds a strong, loyal community
  • Join Jessica's Facebook Group Front & Center here.  This group is an amazing online community for female entrepreneurs. 
  • If you are ready to create video content but have no idea what your videos should be about, click here to learn how I can help you create a list of 52 customized video ideas just for you and your business (thats 1 video a week for a year!)
  • Let me know in the comments below what's holding you back?  Why haven't you created video content yet?