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How To Optimize A Youtube Channel

how to optimize a youtube channel

Today I’m sharing my top tips to optimize your youtube channel to ensure your target audience is finding your content!  

This is the second video in series I created to help you get your business on Youtube.  To what the first video in this series, How To Brand Your Channel, click here.

Most people don’t realize Youtube has many different features to customize for search engine optimization.  By customizing these few things on your channel, you will make your videos easier to find and allow you to take full advantage of the benefits Youtube has to offer!

To get my 4 tips for channel optimization watch the video below.


The four places to optimize your channel are:

  1. Channel Name

  2. About Section

  3. Channel Keywords

  4. Channel trailer

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How To Brand Your Youtube Channel

how to brand your youtube channel

I honestly believe Youtube is the most valuable, underutilized social media platform for small business.  The relationships and authority you build on Youtube is quite frankly invaluable.

If video and particularly starting a Youtube channel for your business is a goal of yours, my brand new series is going to help you get started on Youtube to tap into this powerful platform!

This week’s video is all about branding your channel.  It’s essential when setting up your channel you look legit.  It’s just like your website or any other part of you business that represents you.  Your channel needs to reflect your brand.  In the video below I walk you through the four essential elements that need to be branded on your channel!

Are you ready to start your channel?  Or maybe you are ready to take your channel to the next level?  Take my 4 day Channel Challenge!  This challenge only takes about 15 minutes a day and at the end you have a Youtube channel to be proud of!

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