How To Save Time Editing Video Content

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Can you edit a video in 15 minutes?

I understand one of the biggest reasons you don’t have video content for your blog or business is because it takes time, and time is something you just don’t have!

What if I told you, you could edit your videos in 15 minutes!



Actually it’s totally do-able!  Here’s how…

The first thing you have to do, to limit editing time, happens in pre-production!

You have to write a script or at the very least prepare what you are going to say.  Whether it’s writing out an entire script word for word or writing down bullet points.  If you know what you are going to say there will be less pauses while you film and less rambling!

This not only shortens the time it will take you to film the video but will cut down on the editing time significantly!

Also, plan to keep your video no more than 5 minutes!  I actually think 3 minutes would be perfect.  People have very short attention spans.  They want the most valuable information and they want it as quick as possible. 

So pick out the most valuable part of your blog post and use it for your video.  Remember you will also have a very short intro telling the viewer who you are and what you do.  You will also have a Call To Action in your video.  These things all take up time.

The main “meat” of your video should only be about 2 minutes.  Like I said, make it very valuable and actionable!  People love receiving information that they can take action on as soon as they are done watching.

If you prepare before you film and only plan a 3 minute video, you shouldn’t have much footage to edit.  And creating video content will become easier then writing a blog!

Click the video below to watch exactly how I edit all my videos for my YouTube channel.  It's a lengthier video (16 minutes) but I show you everything I do to edit my videos.

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4 Valuable And Easy To Create Video Ideas For Your Business

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When I ask someone why they haven’t created video content for their website the number one answer, behind the technology fear, is I don’t know what I would make a video about.

I get it can be hard to come up with blog ideas let alone video ideas, but it doesn’t have to bet.  You are probably overthinking it!

If you are spending most of your time coming up with blog ideas that’s great!  Take those blog ideas and turn them into videos to provide additional value to your readers!

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So what should your video be about?  


There are two great strategies you could use for video content.  


You can use video (posted on YouTube and your website) to provide a quick overview of your blog post, just brushing on the overall ideas.  Then you can direct the viewer to your blog post for more content.  This is a the strategy I currently use.


Or you could go into more detail with your video.  Providing examples and actual show people how to do what you are talking about in your blog post.  This allows visual learners to watch how you did it and it gets people from your blog over to your video platform (most likely your YouTube channel).  PLUS you now have access to a whole new audience on YouTube that would not have found your blog post!


This is such a great strategy because you already created the content, now you are repurposing it and getting viewers from different platforms.




How To videos are a great video to start with.  Most blog posts already talk about how to do something;

    How to Grow Your Business

    How to Use Social Media

    How to Create Mind Blowing Content


Plus, most people are using Google and YouTube to search “How To” do something so capitalize on this opporunity.

How To's also include tutorial videos!  Maybe you can show people how to use MailChimp or how to create a work out plan.!

Behind the Scenes


Behind the scene videos are a great opportunity to humanize you and your brand.  When people see the person behind the brand they can relate easier with you then with your blog posts, social media or website.


Great ideas for behind the scene videos are;

    A Day In My Life

    Office Tour

    Favorites (business tools, office equipment, even beauty products)

    What you do to launch your product or service


Again, most of these ideas you probably already covered in a blog post.  You just need to repurpose into a video!


By letting people see what you are like in person really humanizes you and starts to create that oh so important brand trust.  If someone can see you and your personality, they are much more comfortable buying from you because they like, know and trust you!




The testimonial video is one video every company or brand should have!  This type of video is the golden ticket in converting leads to sales.


Potential customers want to see your product/service did what it promises to do.  There is no better way to show potential clients proof then by getting past clients to send you a video testimonial.  This can be as simple as clients sending you a quick video message through text!  Just ask them to say why they loved working with you, why your product was amazing or why they would tell anyone to buy from you!


You can take all these video testimonials, edit them together and have an amazing promotion video giving social proof that your product/service is worth the purchase!


Another great way to provide testimonials is interviewing previous clients.  You can record these interviews on Skype or Google Hangouts.  This will allow wavering potential clients to get a first hand look at how you interact with clients and the relationships you build when working together.  And it gives your client a shout out and free promotion!

Question and Answer


These videos are great because your followers write the content for you!  You probably receive multiple questions a day so why not use that to create video content.  You can start by answering some of the most common questions you receive.


You can also make these videos more targeted to a specific topic.  So you could send out a Snap on your Snapchat (see this blog post on why you NEED to be on Snapchat) or send out a Tweet/Instagram/Facebook post asking your followers what questions they have about list building (or any specific topic related to your business).  


Set up your camera and start answering questions.  What’s great about this video is you can read or show a screenshot of the person who asked the question. This makes viewers feel special since you feature them in your video!


These Q&As can easily become a series of weekly videos.  Say every Wednesday is “Q&A with Molly”.  You could have a different topic every week and ask for question submissions.  You are creating community engagement, creating video content and building brand trust!

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