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How To Get Comfortable On Camera

Most people who avoid video content are avoiding it because they just don't feel comfortable on camera.  They are afraid of what people will say or how they look or sound and it really effects their confidence in themselves.

Is this how you are feeling?  

Today I'm kicking off a 3 part video series to really help you build your confidence and get you comfortable on camera so you can start using video content to grow your business, host your first webinar or include videos in your course! 

I love video because of the connection I can instantly create with my community!  It like sitting down to chat with a friend!

In part one I'm giving you my best tips to prepare to be on video.  These tips really help you build your confidence so you can feel comfortable when you hit the record button.  The next video (coming out next week) will provide you even more tips to build your confidence.  And finally the third video will teach you how to be confident once you do hit the record button and not clam up and feel awkward!  Make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel because you will be instantly notified when these videos go live!

Watch part 1 of the How To Get Confident On Camera series below!

Leave a comment below:

  • What is your biggest fear when it comes to putting yourself on video?
  • Have you created a video for your business before?  How did it feel when you created it?
  • Do you want to start utilizing more video content in your business strategy in 2017?

Get started with your first video by writing a script!  I've got a template to help you write your first script.  This template walks you through the must have elements to a successful video that converts views to sales!  Grab my template by entering you email below!

Video Equipment For Beginners

Video equipment can be a scary topic, especially if you are no tech guru like me!  And it can be one of the biggest reasons why you aren’t creating video content for your business and missing out on a huge benefit to grow your business.

So today I wanted to share with you the 3 must have tools I use to get started with video content! 

And let me tell you, I am not a techie person by no means!  But I figured out what works for me to provide high quality video content at a pretty reasonable price and no headache over equipment!


Click the video to watch the 3 must have equipment pieces I need to create my video content!


Next Steps:

  • Links to equipment mention:

Canon G7X

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Daylight Balanced White Light Bulbs (4 light bulbs) 

Cowboy Studio Umbrella Triple Light Kit

  • Want the list of list of everything I use?  You can download my list of budget friendly, PC and Mac compatible equipment and software just by entering your email below!
  • Leave a comment below!  Do you have any techie or equipment questions?  Don’t let tech stuff stop your from creating video content!

5 Easy Video Ideas For Your Business

By now, if you read any of my blogs you know how passionate I am about video and the benefits it can have on your business;

Build your know, like and trust

Expand your reach

Improve your SEO

But I’m not going to go into detail on those benefits today.  If you want you can read the previous posts I did on those topics by clicking the topic that interests you most above.

Today I wanted help you get started with video if you finally decided your business NEEDS video!

I know that video can seem overwhelming and time consuming.  In fact the number one thing that might be holding you back is not having the time to create video.  Well I’ve got you covered today. 

I’m going to give you 5 ways you can offer video content on your website or business Youtube channel starting TODAY!

Click the image below to watch the video!


1.     Repurpose Your Live Content!

If you go live on Facebook or Periscope repurpose this material!  You put a lot of work into creating this content and it doesn’t make sense to just let it sit on one platform!  Not everyone is on Facebook and recently less and less people are on Periscope.

So what should you do with this content?  Upload your live broadcasts to a business Youtube Channel!  If you don’t have a channel yet, check out this post!

Once you upload the video to Youtube, you will want to create a custom thumbnail so people will want to click on your video.  Then add a keyword centric title that describes the content you covered in the live broadcast!

Keep in mind, Youtube is a search engine (the second largest in the world) and owned by Google!  By adding your content to Youtube, you are able to reach an audience that might have never found you on Facebook.  AND you increase the possibility of showing up on a front page Google search result!

To take this to the next level, create a Playlist in Youtube of all your live broadcasts!  This will allow a new audience to “binge” on your content!

The best part about this, the videos are already done!


2.     Create a Question and Answer Series

Odds are you get quite a few questions when it comes to your expertise.  Take these questions and answer them on video!  Your audience is creating your content for you!  They have questions and you have the answers.  And if someone has a question, there are more people out there with the same question.

By answering the question on video and uploading to Youtube, you are able to reach a new audience and you are now on the second largest search engine in the world.

Plus, this is a simple way to make a “series” of videos.  Since you want to keep your videos short (less than 5 minutes), only answer one or two questions in each video.  You probably get multiple questions a day or see people asking questions all the time in Facebook groups.  Create a spreadsheet and keep track of all these questions to use for your video content. 


3.     Create a tutorial

This is a great option especially if you don’t want to be in front of the camera, or want to wash your hair!  Use a screen capture software like Camtasia or Screenflow to record your computer screen showing your audience how you do something (set up your convert kit, create a media kit, use Asana, use Trello, organize your email, etc.).

Creating a tutorial will not only build your know, like and trust with new and old followers but it will build your authority.  The viewer will quickly realize you know what you are talking about and begin to associate you as the Go-To person when they have a question on the topic you taught.


4.     Use a popular blog post and turn it into a video

Go into your website analytics and see which blog posts get the most traffic.  These are the blogs people find most helpful or want the content the most.  Turn these blog posts into videos.  The content is already written, you just have to record.

During this process you can also update the blog post if it was posted a while ago and embed your video to the post.  This will not only boost traffic to your website, increase your SEO for that post just by adding a video, BUT ALSO attract a new audience from Youtube over to your website if you have a call to action in the video to visit your website!


5.     Plan your video content a head of time

This is one of the best ways to get started with video content.  I know I’ve heard the excuses; I only wash my hair once a week, I don’t like to put makeup on, I wear sweats all day.  I get it.  So do I, but if you can plan out 4 videos and schedule one afternoon a month to get your greasy head into the shower and throw on a little make up to film four videos, you have enough video content for a month!  That’s right, I’m just telling you to do one video a week for a month and see what happens!

This is how I do all my videos.  I have two Youtube Channels and add 2 videos a week to each channel… that’s 4 videos a week… 16 videos a month!  Plus I run my business, have clients and a husband and toddler.  I only film once a week, sometimes only twice a month because I plan my content and batch film.

An added bonus?  Since your hair is washed and your make up is done (which doesn’t happen often), get your significant other to take you out for date night!


Alright I just gave you 5 easy ways to get started with video content, so what’s still holding you back?

Next Steps:

  • If you are ready to incorporate video content into your website and business strategy but still have no idea what to make videos about, let me do the hard part for you!  You can purchase 52 video ideas (that’s one video per week for an entire year) customize specifically to your industry.  To learn more or buy this amazing offer, click here!
  • Leave a comment below!  Can you commit to filming 4 videos in one day or uploading 4 Facebook Live broadcasts to your website or Youtube channel?  Let me know if you are going to take the challenge in the comments section below!
  • Not sure which platform you should focus on?  Facebook Live, Youtube, Instagram Stories... confused?  This guide walks you through the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is right for you and your business.  Plus a worksheet to help you come up with video ideas AND 10 free video ideas to get started!  Enter your email address below to get the guide!