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Makeup Tips For Youtube Videos

When creating video content we can get really self conscious about how we look and what people will say about us.  You start to question yourself about your appearance!  

Am I wearing the right clothes?

Is my hair done right?

Does my makeup look good?

One of the ways I boost my self confidence on camera is having a Go-To makeup routine that I do myself!  That's right, no professional makeup for me!

Now the makeup routine I have for filming isn't my "everyday makeup" because lets be honest, my every day makeup is NO MAKEUP!  But when the time comes to film my videos I put effort into my makeup.  

I understand as a solopreneur, side hustler, mom, business owner, etc. we don't have a lot of time to mess with our makeup.  That's why I really advocate batching filming your videos.  This way you only have to do your hair and makeup one day a month!  

But today I wanted to show you the exact products I use and how I do my makeup for my videos.  It's not a super long process, maybe 30 - 40 minutes to do my makeup for filming.

Check out the video below!

Key Take Aways:

  • Lighting will wash out your skin color so go a little heavier with your makeup
  • Having a nice lip color just makes you pop on video
  • If you are a guy look into buying some pressed powder to avoid any shiney-ness on camera
  • Make it your own process and something you are comfortable with!

Next Steps:

  • Let me know what makeup you struggle with most OR what are some of your favorite makeup products in the comments section below
  • Get started with your first video by stealing my exact video script template I use for every single video!  It helps me stay on track in my video and makes filming easier because I already know what I'm going to say! 

How To Feel Comfortable On Camera

Pinterest - comfortable on camera pt2.png

Today is part 2 of my video series on how you can gain your camera confidence and get comfortable on camera.  If you missed part one, click here to watch the first video in this series.

In this part I want to dive a little deeper into building your confidence by giving you actual exercises to practice that build your camera confidence.  These exercises are great for you to break the ice for seeing yourself and being on camera.

Click below to watch part 2 of How To Feel Comfortable On Camera

Key Takeaways:

  • Start practicing by talking to a camera through out your day.

  • Get on Snapchat or Instagram stories to practice talking to a camera and seeing yourself on camera

  • Change your mind set!  Tell yourself your content is so valuable it needs to be heard through video!

Comment Below:

  • Which exercise do you think you can complete?

  • Are you currently creating stories on Instagram or Snapchat?


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How To Get Comfortable On Camera

Most people who avoid video content are avoiding it because they just don't feel comfortable on camera.  They are afraid of what people will say or how they look or sound and it really effects their confidence in themselves.

Is this how you are feeling?  

Today I'm kicking off a 3 part video series to really help you build your confidence and get you comfortable on camera so you can start using video content to grow your business, host your first webinar or include videos in your course! 

I love video because of the connection I can instantly create with my community!  It like sitting down to chat with a friend!

In part one I'm giving you my best tips to prepare to be on video.  These tips really help you build your confidence so you can feel comfortable when you hit the record button.  The next video (coming out next week) will provide you even more tips to build your confidence.  And finally the third video will teach you how to be confident once you do hit the record button and not clam up and feel awkward!  Make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel because you will be instantly notified when these videos go live!

Watch part 1 of the How To Get Confident On Camera series below!

Leave a comment below:

  • What is your biggest fear when it comes to putting yourself on video?
  • Have you created a video for your business before?  How did it feel when you created it?
  • Do you want to start utilizing more video content in your business strategy in 2017?

Get started with your first video by writing a script!  I've got a template to help you write your first script.  This template walks you through the must have elements to a successful video that converts views to sales!  Grab my template by entering you email below!