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Video Ideas for Social Media Managers

You want to create video content for you business but you just aren't sure what your video should be about?

I understand that half of the difficulty of making a video is coming up with ideas.  So today I'm sharing with you 3 video ideas you can create if you are a social media manager!

Watch the video here

Next Steps:

  • Want to get 52 video ideas (thats 1 video a week for an entire year) customized to your brand and business?  Learn more here!
  • Figure out which video platform is right for you and your business!  Youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram... I break down the pros and cons of each to help you decide where you should focus your energy.  PLUS a worksheet to help you come up with video ideas and your first 10 video ideas to get started!
  • Let me know in the comments section below which video idea you like best and if you have any other video ideas you think social media managers should create!
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