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Video Ideas for Social Media Managers

You want to create video content for you business but you just aren't sure what your video should be about?

I understand that half of the difficulty of making a video is coming up with ideas.  So today I'm sharing with you 3 video ideas you can create if you are a social media manager!

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6 Reasons Your Business NEEDS a YouTube Channel

6 Reasons Your Business NEEDS a YouTube Channel

Youtube is just another social media platform you don’t have time for right?  The time it will take you to make a video, let a lone edit a video, just doesn’t really benefit you to start on Youtube.  Plus Youtube is where people watch cat videos and funny videos of people doing ridiculous things.


YouTube has become a power player for brand marketing campaigns, building brand recognition and creating loyal followers!  Video content has been growing significantly in the past few years and is only expected to become more popular in the future.

7 Reasons Why Video Will Make Your Business Better

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I have a quick exercise for you; think about the last time you hopped onto your Facebook account.  How long did it take you to scroll the newsfeed until you saw a video post?  Was it the first post?  I’m guessing within the first 10 posts there was a video!

As Facebook continues to give priority to video posts and search engines continue to rank video’s 58x higher in search results, video isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Still not buying into this “video is essential mindset”?  I get it.  You don’t like watching videos online so you doubt your audience does.  Why waste your time?

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic
— Cisco

People are watching videos online.  Even if you aren’t, the market is shifting more and more toward video content.  Odds are your audience is watching video and they enjoy receiving content through video format.


So why has video become so popular? 


Video can do so much for a business in a few short minutes!  I’m not talking about a creating an epic, marathon long video.  In fact, the most effective videos are less than 3 minutes!  What matters most in your videos is the content you share.

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Let break this down!  Here are 7 reasons why video content is important to your business.



Video has such a strong impact on viewers, stronger than images or text combined.  Why?  With video you are providing a very unique emotional connection.  You become transparent to the viewer.  They get to see how you talk, how you move, your tone.  Basically you are giving them the whole package, YOU!


This can be one of the scariest things when you start thinking about creating video for your business.  You aren’t sure you want to show people the whole package because you are afraid they won’t like you.  But the truth is your audience will appreciate it!  People love when others are vulnerable and put themselves out there.  They aren’t judging you, they are clapping for you, for being so braving and getting out of your comfort zone.



Video is shared more than links and texts on Twitter and Facebook!  People connect more with video.  It goes back to vulnerability and engaging more of the senses.  People are more willing to share a valuable video than a long text blog. 


Sharing video is now so frequent thanks to how easy it is to share video.  People watch a quick video and can easily click on it and share it.  They are much more connected and willing to share a video with their friends than a blog post that will take them much longer to consume. 


SEO Benefits

Search engine optimization can be a huge beast to tackle.  You know if you where on that first page of search results people would click on your post!  Well if you add a short video to your article you will likely get a huge boost in search engine ranking!

Video gets 50 times better organic page ranks in Google then plain text

Search engines are giving video content a lot of value!  This is why if you want to be ranked higher on search results, having a post and embedding a video with the same keywords will most likely get you a higher rank every time.



To stand out amongst everything that is out there, you really need to show your uniqueness and creativity. Video is a great medium to do this.  Not only can you get across your unique, corky personality, you can use video content to break through all the noise and really stand out! 


Creativity is essential if you don’t want to show your face on video.  Just offering a tutorial of screen shots is a dime a dozen now.  If you really want to wow people into buying your product or service, think of another way to get across your information.  Teaching people in a new creative way will really make your business become the go to in your subject matter!



YouTube alone receives more than one billion unique visitors every month.  The only other social media platform to receive more is Facebook.  YouTube is also the second largest search engine only behind Google.  Just by adding video to YouTube you are reaching a whole new audience!


The number one searched term in YouTube is “How To”.  If you are teaching people “How To” do something, you should definitely be using YouTube.  I know it seems like a scary platform to conquer but just like everything else (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) you get used to it.  The best part about YouTube is your content is there forever.  It doesn’t disappear after it’s off the newsfeed.  It is searchable forever!


Increases Conversion Rates  

Video can significantly increase your conversion rates!  Why?  Video provides a passive engagement where viewers can experience your message with very little effort!

Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%
— eyeviewdigital

People are lazy.  Even if you don’t prefer watching videos, most people would rather watch a quick 2-minute video on your product or service as opposed to reading a huge sales page.  Not only that, but video increases the length of time people stay on your page!  This really helps your branding message marinate with the viewer!  They are much more likely to remember you the longer they are on your page and eventually buy!


Video isn’t going away

Just look at social media platforms that are evolving to incorporate more video!  Instagram is changing their video length from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.  Instagram specifically noted in the last 6 months, the time people spent watching video, just on their platform, increased by 40%. 


Facebook already ranks video posts higher than text posts on their newsfeed.  And they are pushing the new Facebook Live feature!  Twitter even recently launched the GIF library!  Where you can search for a GIF around just about any topic!

Just this week, The Wallstreet Journal had an article on Twitter looking to video to increase advertising sales!  Twitter is expected to release improved tools to target users and measure performance this fall! 

Twitter is not yet at the forefront of the video content conversation and that is where the dollars are
— Shelby Saville

Not sure which video platform you should get started on?  Facebook Live, Youtube, Instagram stories, do you have to do #allthethings?  I got you covered!  Download my Guide To Getting Started With Video which walks you through the pros and cons of each to help you decide which is right for you and your business.  Plus a worksheet to help you come up with video ideas AND 10 free video ideas to get started!  Enter your email address below to get the guide!


What are your thoughts on video?  What holds you back the most when it comes to video content?  Lets chat in the comments section!

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