Video content strategy

Makeup Tips For Youtube Videos

When creating video content we can get really self conscious about how we look and what people will say about us.  You start to question yourself about your appearance!  

Am I wearing the right clothes?

Is my hair done right?

Does my makeup look good?

One of the ways I boost my self confidence on camera is having a Go-To makeup routine that I do myself!  That's right, no professional makeup for me!

Now the makeup routine I have for filming isn't my "everyday makeup" because lets be honest, my every day makeup is NO MAKEUP!  But when the time comes to film my videos I put effort into my makeup.  

I understand as a solopreneur, side hustler, mom, business owner, etc. we don't have a lot of time to mess with our makeup.  That's why I really advocate batching filming your videos.  This way you only have to do your hair and makeup one day a month!  

But today I wanted to show you the exact products I use and how I do my makeup for my videos.  It's not a super long process, maybe 30 - 40 minutes to do my makeup for filming.

Check out the video below!

Key Take Aways:

  • Lighting will wash out your skin color so go a little heavier with your makeup
  • Having a nice lip color just makes you pop on video
  • If you are a guy look into buying some pressed powder to avoid any shiney-ness on camera
  • Make it your own process and something you are comfortable with!

Next Steps:

  • Let me know what makeup you struggle with most OR what are some of your favorite makeup products in the comments section below
  • Get started with your first video by stealing my exact video script template I use for every single video!  It helps me stay on track in my video and makes filming easier because I already know what I'm going to say! 

No More Excuses - Why You Can't Avoid Video Content

I understand that creating a video can seem like an overwhelming process. It seems like there is so much that goes into it from the tech aspect to actually getting in the shower, washing your hair and making yourself look presentable.

But if you aren’t using video in your business you are really missing out on the best medium to connect with your audience and grow your business.

Did you know;

  • Just by having video on your website you can increase your chance of showing up on a front page Google result by 53 times!?

  • Companies using video grow their revenue 49% faster than companies without video.
  • And video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search results.

So let's talk about those excuses you have been using to avoid video content! I’m going to address them and then tell you why they are no longer an excuse for you!

Check out the video version by clicking the image below!

I don’t have the equipment

Guess what, you do! Do you have a phone? Do you have a computer/laptop with a camera? Do you have a webcam? Then you have the number one equipment you need to get started! I know you can think you need the top of the line camera to start creating video. But you don’t! In fact you can even create tutorials to grow your authority by just recording your computer screen!

This quote is going to come up a lot through this post but you need to really step back, take it in and accept it!

Perfection doesn’t matter, just be you!

Use a window to light your video. Put your laptop or camera on a stack of books. Test out your audio on your phone or computer to see if you need to talk louder. You don’t need to invest in thousands of dollars of equipment to share your knowledge.

I don’t have the time

I get it! Your To Do list is already a mile long and I’m telling you to add something else to it? But it doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can actually replace one of your blog posts with a video post each week! Why? Because Google LOVES video!

But what about having to get showered? Having to do your makeup and getting out of your sweats? What if you commit just one afternoon a month to film 4 videos? That’s one video a week for an entire month! I’m pretty sure you can manage to get in the shower one day a month. Find one afternoon to get rid of the kids. Once the video is filmed you can edit in your PJs throughout the month! This is how I’m able to get out 3 videos a week! It’s called batch filming. I have one day a week that I will film up to 10 videos in the afternoon. Then I’m done for a couple of weeks and it saves me so much time.

So now you know you have the time! I’m only asking you to commit one afternoon (around 4 hours) a month to film a month's worth of videos!

I don’t know how to edit

So don’t! Have your content prepared ahead of time and just start talking. You don’t need fancy transitions or wording or graphics on your videos.

The main focus of your video is the content!

People aren’t coming to your video to see how you added music to a cross fade transition or check out your fancy intro buffer graphic. They have a question they want answered.

You need to keep in mind when it comes to excuses to creating video content, CONTENT IS KING. It doesn’t matter about your background. It doesn’t matter what your hair looks like. It doesn’t matter if you think you aren’t pretty enough. People are not there to critique everything about you, they are there for the content!

So just turn on your video and deliver your content. Then all you need to edit is the beginning of your video where you turn the camera on and at the end when you turn it off. It's completely fine to leave in little mistakes or stutters you might have. It makes you human and allows people to connect with you. No one wants to watch a robot, they want to watch a relatable human being!

I don’t have anything to talk about

Do you write a blog? Do you sell a product or course? This is a great place to start! Turn one of your popular blogs into a video. Explain how to use your product. Create an About Me video to help people get to know you better. Create a tutorial in your niche to help people. Look at what others are doing or talking about in your niche. Maybe someone had a blog post you thought was amazing. Add your own spin to it and turn it into a blog post.

There are ideas everywhere. Don’t try to re-create the wheel!

You can even ask your audience what they want to see or what questions they have!

I’m afraid of being on camera and what people will say

Any Frozen fans out there? Let it go, let it go! The only way you are going to get over the fear of video is to actually do it! You aren’t going to start building your confidence and getting comfortable until you start doing it. And don’t worry, NO ONE starts out perfect! Look up any popular Youtubers that have lots of subscribers and check out their first videos. Practice will make you better, I promise! Don’t believe it from me, check out this interview I had with a friend who just recently started creating video content and starting a Youtube channel for her business!

I’m telling you from experience, you are going to receive much more positive feedback than negative feedback. People know how difficult it can be to get in front of the camera and put yourself out there. Your community will support and show you love. If you happen to get negative feedback, you need to realize these are individuals know they can’t do what you are doing! Take pride in the fact that you stepped out of your comfort zone and they sit behind their computer, probably in their mom’s basement, trolling peoples videos to make themselves feel better.

And realize these people will actually help you build a stronger community because your community will jump to your defense! Your community will band together to “defeat this troll” and it will develop a much stronger and loyal community in the end! So you no longer have to fear the trolls and what other people are thinking!

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How To Grow Your Business With Video

Your email list has plateaued.  

Your social media following has plateaued.

You feel like your business has stalled.  

What else can you do to grow your following and ultimately grow your business?

You’re out of ideas and strategies.

But have you tried video?

By 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be to video!


I know, you think video is going to take up too much of your time.  Video seems way too overwhelming.  You just don’t think you have the look for video.  But it might just be time for you to take that leap and jump out of our comfort zone to really see your business reach new levels.

51.9% of marketing professionals, worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI and 70% report video converts better than any other medium.

This all sounds great, but you want to know EXACTLY how can you grow your business with video before you make any commitments, right.  So I’m going to share three ways you can use video to grow your business immediately.  

Watch the video version by clicking the link below!


1. Have a CTA in every video

I’m sure one of your biggest business goals is to drive people to sign up for your email list.  Once you get them on your email list you can filter them through a sales funnel to buy your product or service.  But how exactly can you get people to sign up if you are using video?

Sam Ovens, a digital marketing expert, explains a great strategy to generate leads is to teach something in a 5-10 minute video and at the end tell the viewer to download a checklist or free opt-in to learn more.  By teaching the viewer something, you have built your authority by showing them you know what you are talking about.  You are also developing your know, like and trust factor with them to help you with the very difficult task of building a relationship.  People don’t want to give up their email address to just anyone!

With Youtube, you are able to add a link right in the description box below the video or have a card pop up on the video that the viewer can click on and take them directly to your landing page or email sign up!


2. Create an About Me Video/Introduce yourself

Being able to putting a name to the face or personality of your business can do wonders for growing your business.  It allows your audience to connect with you on a different level.  People love to hear why you do what you do.  They are able to understand your journey and begin to relate their journey with yours, creating a connection.  This is so important when wanting to create a community of loyal followers.

You want to do everything you can to humanize your brand.  This all goes back to the very important know, like and trust factor of your business.  Being on video, you can’t fake it.  You are able to be authentic and genuine.  Showing your true self will build an emotional connection between your business and your new viewer.  They will feel like they actually know who you are and will be ready to sign up to your email list to learn more about you and to see what you have to share.


3. Video drive more engagement

According to BrightCove, social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combine.  Why?  Because video creates an immediate connection with the viewer.  The proof is in the pudding so to speak!  Statistics show, 88% of user’s time is spent on websites with video.  Most people are much more likely to watch a video and engage with a video then a length text post.  They are also more likely to share with their friends a helpful video as opposed to text post.  And viewers are much more likely to make a purchase after watching a video that was selling something.


So how can you use this to your advantage?  Engage in your video.  Ask a question in your video and ask the viewer to respond.  Ask the viewer to share your content if they found it helpful.  Ask the viewer to check out your shop by clicking a link you provide.  Provide amazing content that they will want to share to their followers to get your content out to even more people.  Make it super easy to share your video.  That’s why I like Youtube has a video platform because it has those share buttons you can easily click.


These are three way you can start growing your business with your next video!


Next Steps:

  • Get your Youtube channel set up for success!  I have a 4 day challenge that walks you through all the steps you need to do to get your channel in tip top SEO and branding condition to ensure you are attracting dream clients to your videos!  It only takes 15 minutes a day so enter your email below to get started!

  • Let me know in the comments which growth hack do you like most and think you could incorporate in your next video?

  • Leave a comment letting me know if you think video is the next step for your business!