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How To Be Confident On Camera

We've made it to the third and final installment of how to be comfortable and confident on camera!  To check out the entire playlist of all three video click here

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How To Feel Comfortable On Camera

How To Get Comfortable On Camera

Today I'm talking about how to keep your confidence up once you hit that record button because that pesky little red recording light can scare just about anybody!

So what can you do to keep your confidence up when you are recording?  I'm sharing with you my best tricks and tips I use to really allow me to stay confident through out the entire video.  Even if I have a slip up or stutter over a word, I use these tips to make sure I keep my confidence on camera showing!

Watch the video below to learn the secrets! 

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7 Myths About Video Content Creation

7 Myths About Video Content Creation

When it comes to why your business isn’t creating video, I’ve seriously heard it all!  Even the “I don’t want to get out of my yoga pants” excuse!

I understand video can seem scary and a huge time commitment.  But today I’m here to de-bunk all those myths and excuses for not creating video content!  After this you won’t have any more excuses to avoid creating video content!

3 Ways Video Content Makes Your Blog Better

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Video content continues to rise in 2016 and is predicted to explode in 2016.  YouTube has more than 4 billion views a day and it’s the second largest search engine after Google.  Statistics show 78% of people watch at least one video on YouTube every week and 55% of people watch YouTube videos every day!


So how does all this video watching effect your brand?  Well, studies show more than 34% of shoppers are more likely to purchase after viewing an online video and 48% percent of people say they trust online video ads.


Now that we got all the statistics and numbers out of the way, lets dig into how video can help your business or blog.

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Video can improve your SEO


Recently, Google has made video a key factor in its search formulas.  If you search “How To” anything, more than likely a video will pop up on the first page of your search results.  Since Google owns YouTube, Google will rank a YouTube video much higher than other results because it keeps people on their platform.  Google also ranks blogs and websites higher in search results when the website has video content.  By including video on your website you can move up higher in search results. It's as easy as embedding a YouTube video on your website.  Video is so searchable that 70% of the top 100 search listing on Google are video results.  So if you need a boost in your SEO you should consider providing video content to your viewers. 

Video connects with viewer’s emotions. 


Video invokes a series of emotions with viewers that connect their hearts and their brains with your product or services.  When potential customers or clients see you on a video they see who you really are.  It makes the purchase of something more personable.  They now aren’t buying from some imaginary person from a picture they saw on a website.  They begin to develop a trust with you and your brand just by watching a video!  Developing trust is great for customer referrals and brand loyalty.  Once you have this trust with an individual they are more likely to refer you to their friends, promote you on their social media and develop a brand loyalty to you.  Brand loyalty is great for creating repeat customers!


Video has higher conversion rates! 


Posting a video about your product or service can increase the odds of someone purchasing from you by as much as 35%.   A study by shows that using a video on landing pages can even increase conversion rates by 80%!  That is huge!  Why is this conversion rate so high?  Well video allows the viewer to take in the message with very little effort.  People are lazy folks.  Lets be honest, must people would rather watch a 2 minute video then spend time reading a blog post.  So how can you use this to your advantage?  If you have a product, create a video showing how to use it or what it looks.  If you have a service, walk through the process of the service and what you will accomplish by hiring you.


Not sure where to even start in creating a video content for your website?  I would start with writing a script for your video.  (Also, check out this post where I give you 4 video ideas to start with).  Once you know what you want to talk about, and how to start and end your video, filming will go much smoother than just sitting in front a camera and talking aimlessly.

Get the exact template I use when script my videos!  This template ensures you are including all the key parts for a highly converting video

Lets talk in the comments below, what types of videos have you been thinking about creating?  What the number 1 issue stopping you?  Lets provide some tips to each other below!

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