How To Make A Content Calendar

how to make a content calendar

Creating a content calendar can save you so much time when it comes to creating blog or video post ideas.  But how can you get started making a content calendar?  

In this video I'm sharing my content marketing tips on how I make a content marketing plan that incorporates my business goals, launches and social media content strategy!  This content strategy is especially helpful in you are thinking about starting a Youtube channel or planning a Youtube channel.  

This is the exact process I go through every quarter to create an editorial calendar.

Key Take Aways:

  • All your content should revolve around your main business goal and/or strategy.

  • You want to create anticipation for any big launches or product releases you have planned through out the year.

  • Your content calendar should fit together with your business strategy, your blog content and your social media strategy.

Next Steps:

  • Let me know how you plan your content?  What are some of your strategies to know what your posting and not just "winging" it?
  • Start creating video content for you business by knowing exactly what to say in your video!  Grab my free Video Script Template to help you write your first (and many) video blog!

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