How To Use Video In Your Launch Strategy

planning your video strategy

If you are anything like most creatives I know, you want to have a strategy in place before you jump into something new.  You want to have it all mapped out so you know all the next steps to be successful.  You want the ROI to pay off, am I right?

I know that's why most are so hesitant on using video (and Youtube) in their business strategy (minus the whole being on camera thing).  You aren't sure how to even create a video strategy that compliments your business!

No worries!  In today's video I'm breaking it down for you!  If you have a launch coming up in the future you aren't going to want to skip this video because I'm telling you exactly how you can use video in your launch strategy now!

Check out the video below!

Do you want to get a Youtube channel started for your business?  But you don’t know how to get started?  What equipment you need?  Or ANYTHING about the Youtube platform?

I got you covered!  I’m hosting a FREE Youtube masterclass Wednesday, June 7th where I’m going to teach you the 3 steps to launching a profitable Youtube channel and how to grow your audience FAST!

The 3 steps I’m going to cover are:

  • Step 1: How to use Youtube video to save you time, get you visibile and back away from the social media rat race!

  • Step 2: The 5 essential elements to your video blueprint to 5x your conversion rate (get them on your list!).

  • Step 3: The secret to getting your Youtube video to the top of Youtube and Google search results

Whatcha say?  60 minutes of FREE Youtube info?  

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