Starting A Video Blog For Your Business

Starting A Video Blog For Your Business

Back in August I set out on a journey to challenge myself.  I preach about posting to Youtube and being consistent and I wanted to show you how YOU can do 2 videos a week if I went on a 7 days a week upload binge!

I also wanted to test a few theories and strategies I had heard and I thought myself.  

On August 1, I posted my first of 31 videos on my Youtube channel in 31 days.  The first week started off great!  I bulk recorded and edited the entire first week and I was feeling amazing!  

But as the month crept on and live happens… boy did it get hard.  There was a family cold thrown in there, some unexpected unfortunate events BUT I did it!  1 new videos every single day in August

So the big question, was it worth it?

*All these stats are based on pure organic reach.  I run no ads to my videos or my channel

* I did not follow the same process for every single video to test out multiple strategies to see which worked best.  This definitely hinder some of the grow I could have had on my channel.

Here are the stats:


Subscribers gained: 140 (90 subscribed from my channel home page, 52 subscribed from videos)

Total minutes watched: 17,585 minutes

Traffic to my videos are coming from:

External - 23%

  • Out of that 23% external traffic this is how it breaks out:
    • Facebook 23%

    • Google Search 23%

    • Website 19%

    • Unknown 13%

    • Pinterest 5.4%

Suggested Videos - 18%

Browse Features (traffic from homepage, subscription feed and other browsing features) - 17%

Youtube Search - 13%

Now let’s compare is to June (the reason why I’m not comparing to July is because I had an outlier video that got over 4600 clicks but since it was a live video it hard horrible retention rate)


Subscribers gained: 77 (71 subscribed from my channel home page, 5 subscribed from a video and 2 subscribed from a Recommended channel)

Total minutes Watched: 13,752

Traffic to my videos are coming from:

External - 26%

  • Out of that 26% external traffic this is how it breaks out

    • Website 37%

    • Google search 14%

    • Facebook 14%

    • Pinterest 8.2%

Suggested videos - 21%

Other Youtube features - 14%

Channel pages - 11%


The top 10 performing videos of August:

5 were August videos and they received 13.9% of the total watch time minutes in August which is a total of 2,445 minutes

Key takeaways:

Did posting a video every day help, yes and no…

Yes I grew my subscriber count and yes I increased my views but it wasn’t something astronomical.  If you can post every day I would say go for it.  For the everyday business owner looking to grow their reach and visibility I would say 2 times a week is a great middle ground

Post 2 times a week, why...

As you see in my analytics 5 of my August videos were in my top 10 most watched in August.  Youtube loves new content so it’s going to promote new content to the top of it’s search results.  This allows you to get in front of new people and brings more watch time minutes to your channel… essential in grow your channel authority.

In Youtube’s eye subscribers don’t really mean anything.  It values how many minutes you are getting people to hang out on Youtube and watch videos.  So by creating 2 videos a week you are easily able to increase the amount of watch minutes for your channel.

Check your analytics

Each video I promote a little differently just to see if it affect my video performance, and it did!

In June you can see my website and Pinterest was a huge contributing traffic source to my videos.  But in August I didn’t embed every single video to my website and I didn’t create a Pinterest specific image for each video.  And it clearly hindered the growth I could have had on my videos.

Knowing this moving forward I will focus most of my promotional efforts on my website, Pinterest and Facebook since they are bringing the most traffic.  I won’t have to stress out getting posts on Instagram, Twitter and all the 100 other platforms that you think you need to be on!

But in August a larger traffic source became suggested videos.  These are the videos that show up alongside a video as “What To Watch Next”.  More of my videos were showing up in suggest videos because I had more content for Youtube to suggest.  Like I said Youtube wants to promote recent content and by putting a video out every single day they had a recent video of my mine to suggest

Ready to start using Youtube and video blogging in your marketing strategy?  Join my 4 day challenge to help you craft your Youtube content strategy!  Learn the exact process you need to take to ensure you videos are watched by your ideal client and you convert them to paying clients!

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