10 Step Youtube Routine

youtube routine

Ever wondering what process I go through to get a Youtube video up on my blog and Youtube channel?

How do I come up with ideas?  How do I create a video strategy?  How do I know my video ideas will actually get watched?

Well today I'm breaking down my entire process into 10 steps and I'm sharing it with you!

Check out the video below to get the insider look on my Youtube process!

My 10 Step Routine:

  1. Brainstorm content ideas
  2. Research, validate and come up with video title
  3. Write my scripts
  4. Film
  5. Edit
  6. Create a video thumbnail
  7. Create a video promo clip
  8. Upload video to Youtube and optimize it
  9. Schedule or set the video live
  10. Promote, promote, promote!

Did you know only 9% of small business use Youtube?  And 48% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year?

Youtube is the next frontier of online marketing for businesses and if you don't have a strategy to tackle this new platform you won't be able to stand apart from your competitors.  

I want to help you take the journey into Youtube because it has been my main means of marketing and I'm going to show you the way in my free 5 day live challenge starting Monday, May 29th.  

During this challenge I am breaking up the need to know information into to daily 5-10 minute video training and a mini-15 minute workshops in the afternoon!  I know we all have a lot on our plates and to do list so I am making this manageable for you!

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Want a break down of exactly what you will be learning?

launch your youtube channel

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Channel challenge

Using A Quiz To Grow Your Email List

how to use a quiz to grow your email list

Getting people to opt into your email list can be a challenge these days.  It seems like everyone has a checklist, cheat sheet or even ebook to download IF you sign up for their email list.

So what can you do to make your opt in stand out, and people don't just pass by it anymore?

Ever take a Buzz Feed quiz to see which Harry Potter house you belong too?  Or how well do you know your favorite Disney movie?

Wouldn't it be cool if you could incorporate a quiz into your business?

Well you totally can and I have been using one for weeks now to grow my list!  It's a software called Interact  And what I really love about this quiz is based on which result they get in the quiz, I can tag them for specific sequences in my email system based on the result they got from the quiz!

You have got to see this to believe it!

If you want to try out Interact click here.

Do you have any quiz ideas!?!


Youtube Channel Audit - A Domestic Wildflower

Youtube channel audit

After being at the Youtube and blogging thing for over a year now, I wanted to start giving away something to my amazing viewers and readers!  I decided to do some free channel audits.

Now you might be thinking, what is a channel audit and why would she be giving these away?

Well in a channel audit I take a look at viewers channels and let them know how they can improve their channel.  This allows them to hear directly from me but also allows everyone else to learn something from my audit. 

I go through channel optimization, branding and everything you need to ensure your channel is set up for success in my channel reviews and I'm doing it help you, so you can improve your channel, grow your subscribers and ultimately grow your business.

If you still don't quite get it, take a look at the first one I'm publishing live!

I've also go some other amazing giveaway for all of you!  It's the ULTIMATE Youtube Starter Kit!  One lucky winner is going to get all the latest and greatest equipment they need to get started on Youtube!  So if you have been avoiding Youtube because you don't have the professional equipment you wish you had... you need to enter now!

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5 Tips For Youtube Beginners

tips for Youtube beginners

You've heard enough about video and the power of Youtube, you are going to do this!  You are going to create a Youtube channel for your business!  But you have questions.  How do I grow my Youtube channel?  How do I create content for my Youtube channel?  How go I get subscribers for my Youtube channel?  How do I create a successful Youtube channel that will bring me leads and grow my business?

In today's video I'm giving you all my best tips for Youtube beginners and everything you need to know about getting started on Youtube!  Check it out below

If you are ready to take the leap I want to help you get started!  I'm offering a PITCH FREE live training this Thursday showing you my strategies for getting to 100 subscribers on your channel!  You won't want to miss this just sign up

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How To Successfully Launch Your Youtube Channel

how to successfully launch your Youtube Channel

One of the biggest questions I get when it comes to creating a Youtube channel for your business is, how do I launch my channel?  How many videos do I need?  What do I need to have in place before I launch my Youtube channel?

In today's video I'm breaking down exactly what you need to have in place before you launch your Youtube channel.  Whether it's a personal Youtube channel or a business Youtube channel you want to use to build your authority and connect with you audience on a deeper level.

Stay until the end of the video to hear about a Youtube secret to get you more subscribers!

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