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new year inspiration

How To Be Happy

My for steps to getting happy again are:
1. Reflect!  Sit down and really think what is making you unhappy.  You need to get to the root of your unhappiness before you can fix it.
2. Decide what your ultimate goal is.  You will need to decide for yourself what happiness looks like for you.
3. Plan!  This is the most important step.  Plan little steps that will help you get to your ultimate goal.  You can’t expect to just wake up tomorrow morning and everything has changed and you’re happy.  
4. Follow your plan and journal.  I find journaling once a week helps me to follow my plan.  Take this time to think about what you did in the past week that helped you get closer to your goal, and what you didn’t do that you should do more of.  This is just a check in with yourself to make sure you are still on the path to happiness!