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new mom

New Mom Must Haves

Today I’m giving you my advice on the best new mom gifts to buy that about to be new mom or brand new mom in your life.  Any of the products I mention would be great gifts for any new mom. I also talk about the best postpartum products I had to have in my life.  The biggest essential was a postpartum bellyband!  I give you the low down on what the best postpartum belly wrap was for me and why I loved it so much.   I also sprinkle in some advice for new parents and how to make through all those visitors you will get!  


My Fitness Routine | Motivation Tips & Must Haves

As a new mom it can sometimes be hard to get your body back after baby but I was able to find a fitness routine that motivated me and really helped melt those pounds off.  This video shows my best tips on  how to get in shape, my favorite workout essentials, what I wear to workout and all my fitness must haves!