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mom video

New Mom Must Haves

Today I’m giving you my advice on the best new mom gifts to buy that about to be new mom or brand new mom in your life.  Any of the products I mention would be great gifts for any new mom. I also talk about the best postpartum products I had to have in my life.  The biggest essential was a postpartum bellyband!  I give you the low down on what the best postpartum belly wrap was for me and why I loved it so much.   I also sprinkle in some advice for new parents and how to make through all those visitors you will get!  


What My Baby Eats | Collab

My daughter just turned one so I thought I would share with you what my baby eats in a day. She is still drinking baby formula but as we begin weaning her off it we are starting to incorporate more and more food. Baby meals and baby food are not difficult to prepare. Just try to start feeding them what you are eating. There are so many baby food recipes but do you really want to make a different meal for your kid every time you eat!? SO take a look at what my baby ate today to see it doesn’t have to be hard!

Female Spotlight | Kathy Bouska

Today’s spotlight is Kat Bouska who has a YouTube channel, MamaKatTV, and a blog, Mama’s Losin’ It!  I started this series as a way to show my appreciation to the women who inspire me to keep doing what I’m going.  And also as a way to support other women in what they are doing!  

Night Time Routine | Mom Edition

As a mom we are constantly on the go making sure our kids dinner is ready, they are bathed, the house is clean, the dinner is cooked but its also important to take a minute, or an hour, to just sit down and unwind before you drive yourself wild.  This is a typical evening routine for me and my baby but as any parent will know, no single night is the same with kids!  I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my life!

Quick Everyday Makeup

Being a mom to a 10 month old if I'm going to do my make up it better be quick and easy!  So I'm showing you a 5 minute makeup tutorial for an every day natural look.  This look is quick and easy for anyone running late or chasing kids around!

Favorite Baby Things | 0 - 6 Months

Todays video I show you what my 10 month old daughter has been loving, from warm baby clothes and baby blankets to favorite teething remedies and her favorite baby activity!