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baby food

What My Baby Eats | Collab

My daughter just turned one so I thought I would share with you what my baby eats in a day. She is still drinking baby formula but as we begin weaning her off it we are starting to incorporate more and more food. Baby meals and baby food are not difficult to prepare. Just try to start feeding them what you are eating. There are so many baby food recipes but do you really want to make a different meal for your kid every time you eat!? SO take a look at what my baby ate today to see it doesn’t have to be hard!

How To Make Baby Food

My daughter recently started eating baby food and I decided I would learn how to make my own baby food.  Making baby food isn’t very difficult.  I will walk you through a few quick steps on how to make baby food and the supplies I bought to do it.  With homemade baby food you can make it as organic as you would like.  I hope after watching this video you will see, you too can make your own baby food too!