Unfortunately, if you build it they do not always come.  You need to have a clear strategy to ensure your videos are getting in front of your target audience and provide content which makes them excited to work with you.

When I complete your Youtube Channel Audit and Launch Plan you know exactly:

  • What’s working on your channel now 

  • What’s not working on your channel 

  • The next (or first) 12 videos you should be creating for your audience

  • What keywords you should be using for your videos

  • Exactly what to put in the video description box to improve ranking

  • Playlist ideas to add to your channel

  • How to get more views or your first views

  • How to convert your viewers to your email list

  • Action steps to adding best practices your channel is missing

Plus I provide you comprehensive step-by-step launch plan so you know exactly what to do to launch your channel with success AND 3 months worth of optimized video ideas to get your channel rolling!