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Get confident on video and be PROUD of the videos you create.

In today’s world of online business, video content is king.  It allows people to get to know, like and trust you fast than any other option out there. No matter what you sell, people need to trust you before they buy from you.  Let your audience learn from someone who will provide them the confidence to shine on video. YouTube strategist speaker Trena Little will help you understand the power of YouTube in your business to reach more people and break it all down in a way that is manageable yet powerful.


An experienced YouTube strategist for online businesses, Trena Little is a busy mom of two who has built her business on using video effectively and teaching women how to have the confidence they need to put themselves on camera.   Committed to helping female entrepreneurs have a clear game plan for breaking out of their comfort zone to see their true potential on video, she has helped grow over 100 YouTube channels and grew two of her own channels to over 9,000 subscribers and half a million views.  She has experience presenting to predominately female crowd but her skills and tactics can be used for all types of business owners. Trena has become a request speaker for YouTube strategy at industry events all over the country.

What are people saying about trena?

Trena is the master when it comes to video marketing and YouTube for entrepreneurs. From the technical side (lighting tips, equipment, and video length recommendations) to the strategy, Trena has so much actionable advice to give. And she delivers it with so much dang transparency and patience. Whether you’re a beginner or a more video-savvy entrepreneur, you’ll have tons of a-ha moments listening to Trena.
— Joey Vital, Indie Law
Trena spoke at our Birmingham wedding vendor workshop for ALWEP and she was one of the best speakers we have ever had. Her content on Youtube was so phenomenal that we ended up having an hour long Q&A session. As a result of having her speak, multiple wedding vendors have created Youtube channels and we even have made money from implementing her tips on Youtube growth.
— Meredith Ryncarz, Alabama Wedding and Event Professionals Speaker Coordinator
I attended a small group training that Trena led at Together 2018. During the session, Trena was overwhelmingly generous and openly shared her insights and strategies for creating YouTube videos that really gain traction. She was incredibly kind and candid, and it was evident how much she really cared about helping us achieve success (even in just a short 30 minute training!). Her session covered the full range of content creation, from tips on filming, to editing video, to creating a thumbnail that converts browsers into viewers, to finally analyzing the results and data provided by YouTube in-depth to continuously improve on future videos. I left Trena’s talk with concrete, actionable steps that I was able to apply immediately in my own work. As a result, I was able to create product demos that current customers love – and that have even brought us brand new customers, too.
— Karen Warfield of Hello Bar

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2020 Presentations Available
from Keynote Speaker Trena Little:



Small business owners know they need video but have no idea how and where they should be publishing it. The Instagram algorithm is frustrating, Facebook is pay to play, and YouTube seems too complicated. “Who has time to create all of that content?” What if you didn’t have to? In Maximizing Your Video Strategy, we’re going to show you exactly how to create a month’s worth of content in five hours so that you can repurpose it across all of your platforms without reinventing the wheel.


  • Learn how to rank your videos in google search

  • Identify video ideas that your clients are already searching for

  • Know how to create content that converts to paying clients

  • Exactly how to repurpose your videos for unlimited content

  • Best practices for simplifying your editing process

  • Simple steps to keep people’s attention in your video

What was so, so helpful to me was how clear the tech training was, how responsive she was in offering on-demand help for anything we needed too... [Her feedback] was so helpful in getting my channel off the ground and since joining her program, I have been able to grow my subscriber base to over 350 people from making only around 12 or 15 videos, and I’ve landed multiple clients from my videos, a dream speaking gig for my dream client, and I’ve been able to show everyone this personality that I wanted to show on video for so long. Thank you Trena!
— Brittany Berger



Business owners are frustrated with the ever-evolving social media platforms. They see others  using YouTube to build their know, like, and trust as well as build their email list and business. But we’re left wondering “how exactly can we use YouTube to grow our audience?” This presentation stipped away the mystery and shows you exactly how to create a YouTube strategy that makes your channel bingeable, making potential clients eager to sign up for your next offering.


  • Learn how to use YouTube effectively and confidently in your business

  • Best practices for setting up a workflow that saves you time

  • Know how to get viewers to take action to work with or buy from you

  • Exactly what to say and how to say it on video

  • Best practices for getting your videos found by your target audience

  • Simple ways to take your video content to the next level

Trena is amazing! She is just one of those people that you can trust and she knows what she’s talking about. She gives you basic blueprints that you can add on and really make your own and really lets you get into her brain and that’s just so valuable. Trena gives you tutorials on how to use YouTube and different video-editing programs, tips and tricks for finding keywords... I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of information she gives you. Her guest experts are awesome as well. It’s a really really wonderful resource.
— Allie Trumpover of Allie Scraps

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