Rules for Video Biz Crew Facebook Group

By participating and being a part of the group, you are agreeing to the following rules & guidelines. If you feel that you cannot abide by these guidelines, please remove yourself from the group.

NO PROMOS –You are allowed to go Live in the group on Tuesday to provide a tip or promote a service, product or opt in.  This Go Live opportunity is a chance for you to practice being on camera and a chance for the rest of the group to get to know you.  Please comment, like and respond to others who go live also.  You can add your link in the comments section of your live video

All other days promos not allowed include:

  • Links to social media

  • Links to your Facebook Group

  • Links to your website/blog

  • Private messaging users with unsolicited business promotions

You are able to add a link to your Youtube videos when you publish them.  Just make sure you are liking, subscribing, sharing and commenting on other group members Youtube videos as well


NO MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) – Feel free to find another Facebook group that allows this because this group does not, PERIOD.  Anyone seen to be promoting a MLM will be removed from this group without notice.

LIVE VIDEO STREAMING – Live stream is allowed on Tuesdays.  This is the day you can go live to practice your video skills in a safe environment.  During this video you need to keep the video under 5 minutes and you can talk about a new product or service you are launching or provide the group with value by sharing a tip or a lesson you have learned.  Be sure to comment on other’s live video too.  Sharing is caring!

CONFIDENTIALITY – Please keep the content of this group confidential. This is meant to be a safe place to practice our video skills and grow as a community together. If someone shares in the group, it stays within the group, and is not for comment or discussion outside of the group.

BE NICE – Being on video is a scary thing!  I want this to be a group of amazing supporters helping one another get comfortable on camera and learning how to use video to build our brand authority and become more visible.  You can provide constructive criticism on videos and live videos but these comments should be HELPFUL not HURTFUL.

INTEGRITY – Don’t steal someone’s idea if they share.  Come on!  There may be times where members want to bounce an idea off the group and this isn’t an opportunity for you to steal their hard work!

If you are stuck, ask for help and get a brainstorming thread going.  This will be much more helpful than just stealing someone's idea

FILES SECTION – Please don’t upload, delete or edit any files in this area.

INVITE OTHERS: Feel free to add any friends that are like-minded entrepreneurs who want to incorporate video into their business strategy!  The more support the better!

However, as a courtesy please ask them FIRST if they are interested to join.



Collaborate Monday - Monday’s are your chance to find someone who’s looking to collaborate.  Whether its for a video, blog post or webinar we all will be more successful if we work together.

Go Live Tuesday - This is the day for you to practice your live videos!  Keep your live video to less than 5 minutes and take this opportunity to share who you are, a new launch you have, provide a helpful tip or lesson you have learned along the way!

Tips Wednesday - We all love hearing each other’s journey!  Provide a tip you wish you would have known starting out whether in business or video!

Share Thursday - This is your chance to share one link!  Instagram, Opt-In, Workshop, Services… this is your only chance to share a link other than Youtube video!

Funday Friday - Let’s take it easy today!  Share what you are doing this weekend.  Share what you are looking forward to next week.  Share what drink you plan to have this weekend!  Friday is a day for us to let our hair down and get to know one another more personally.


These rules & guidelines are subject to change without notice. It’s on you to make sure you keep yourself updated.

If you acquire goods or services from other members, the relationship is your responsibility. You release me (Trena Little) from responsibility in relation to such arrangements.

Anyone who does not abide by the above rules & guidelines, will have their posts deleted, and will be removed from the group without notice.