A goal without a plan (& accountability) is just a wish.

You know your business not only could benefit from a YouTube channel, but you could reach more of your dream clients with information they could benefit from—you just have no idea where to get started!  You wish someone would just tell you the steps and videos to make to get your channel drawing in and serving your most perfect clients … and coach you through so you avoid any missteps.

Let’s work together to create your YouTube Launch Game Plan.

This is for you if...

  • You are totally new to the YouTube scene, and haven’t the first clue how to get started—you just know you’re *supposed* to be getting into the video game!
  • You’ve taken your best shot at YouTube but just weren’t seeing any of the results you’d hoped for—you’re ready to hit the reset button.

  • You’re certain your business could be leveraged well on YouTube, and you know your ideal client is already there looking for the information you could provide—you just need someone to explain how your business could grow on YouTube, give you a strategy, and coach you through implementation.

Youtube Launch Game Plan with Trena


  • Current Channel audit (if you've got one)

  • A strategic action plan providing you step by step instructions on how to reach your channel goals
  • A competitor analysis to see who is creating similar content to you know Youtube and how they are leveraging their content
  • Twelve optimized video ideas researched for your specific niche and your expertise to help you start ranking videos higher in Youtube search results, faster.
  • Access to training and worksheets to help you complete all the steps you need to take to ensure a successful YouTube channel launch.  Plus a 60 minute call follow up call to answer all questions.
  • Channel analytics walk through after 90 days—that gives us enough time to review your data, make sure you understand what’s going on, and tweak and repeat the good stuff.


  • Review of your channel if you currently have one and answer these following questions:

    • What's working on your channel

    • What's not working on your channel

    • What videos should you be creating for your audience based on YouTube traffic to your videos

    • How can you strategically get more views

    • How can you optimize your channel and videos better to grow your views and subscriber base

    • Re-optimization of 4 videos already published on your channel

  • Exact steps to take to set up your channel

  • YouTube best practices to implement on your channel



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