Youtube Workflow

Youtube Workflow

The biggest question I get asked when it comes to creating Youtube content for my business is; 
"How do you find time to film videos!?"  

In today's video I'm sharing my Youtube workflow and how I can consistently get new video content posted twice a week.

Watch the video below:

My Weekly Video Workflow:

  • Write down a list of ideas generated from questions I get, questions I see in Facebook groups and questions on other Youtube videos 
  • Research my keywords and find my primary keyword which will be my title
  • Script my videos
  • Plan one filming day - I will typically film 10 - 12 videos in one day
  • Batch edit - The more editing I can get done in one day the better!
  • Upload, optimize and schedule on Youtube!

Your Youtube video workflow doesn't have to be complicated.  It just takes a little planning and time management.  The first few times you go through my process to plan videos can be time consuming and possible frustrating.

Plan A Youtube Video

After you go through the workflow a few times it does get easier!  It's like riding a bike, the more you do it the easier to gets!  I promise!

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