YouTube Channel Settings To Help Grow Your Channel!

Are all of your YouTube channel settings set up correctly to help you drive even more traffic to your YouTube channel? Chances are, you've missed some seriously helpful settings along the way. In this video, I'm breaking down some settings you can update right now to start improving traffic to your channel.

The first thing you want to do is head to your Advanced Settings in YouTube. Check out the video above to learn how to access those settings if you're not sure where to find them.

By accessing your advanced settings, you'll have the opportunity to update some amazing features that you may not have known about! Let's start with the basics.

First things first, you'll want to update your channel keywords. These are the keywords and phrases you'll want your channel to be associated with. In other words, the way people would find your channel if they were to search phrases related to the type of content you put out.

Not this, of course, requires you to do some keyword research but it is a necessary and worthwhile step. And I recommend using YouTube Studio beta for this since it's so easy to add the channel keywords there.

The next section I like to look at is the channel branding. This feature allows you to add a small, clickable watermark to your videos that makes it so easy for viewers to subscribe! And they won't even have to click away from the video! This means if you have the video embedded in a blog post and they're watching it there, they can STILL subscribe; all without leaving the page they're on OR ending the video.

Next up is the Upload Defaults. Friend. If you're not making use of this section, you are wasting your precious time! There are certain things that you want in every single upload, right? Maybe social links in the description or certain tags. You can set those descriptions and tags to be in every upload with you having to manually input them each time!

One part of this that I strongly suggest you update is the video visibility. I advise setting your upload default visibility to private so that you have the opportunity to batch upload and schedule without a whole lot of extra work.

Finally, be sure to check on your licensing. You're given two option on YouTube for licensing. The standard license OR the Creative Commons License. You always want to use the standard license. By going the other direction, you're allowing your videos to be used by anyone that wants for any reason they want. You don't want that!

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