You're Losing Money Believing This!

There are quite a few misconceptions surrounding video content. Okay, I'll say it. There are some serious lies that we adopt and believe that really hold us back when it comes to video. In fact, if you choose to believe the top 3 lies, you're practically leaving money on the table and saying "no thanks!" to it.

Friend, I don't want to see you do that. And that's why this week we're digging into the lies we believe around video content and what should be happening instead so you can start to make that money!

Video Takes Too Much Time.

I can't tell you how often I hear this. Video is too time-consuming to actually make work. Want to know a secret? It used to take me forever too! The reason isn't that video is actually time-consuming but because I spent time overthinking things instead of taking real action.

The truth is that you end up saving time creating video content because you end up creating a powerful piece of content that will work for all platforms. It doesn't matter what platform you use, social media LOVES video. That means you can start growing platforms using ONE piece of content spread out everywhere. You just have to be strategic!

You Need a Fancy Set Up.

This is the worst lie. We have this thought that we need to go out and buy a fancy DSLR or some crazy lighting equipment in order to create great video content. Or we think we need a professional office space to be a backdrop.

There are only so many ways to call this out for what it is. I'll do my best. It's a lie. Okay, that wasn't much different than before but it is what it is.

The truth is that most cell phones nowadays are PERFECT for filming. The real kicker is the lighting. It's THE most important thing for creating a quality video. But guess what? The best lighting is natural lighting. Which means you can pop that phone in front of a window and see some serious quality improvement.

You're Building a Platform.

Here's the lie I believed until a few months ago. Most people think they're building a specific platform when they create video. They're thinking they need to send people back to YouTube no matter where they're posting just because they're creating video content.

The simple truth? You're actually NOT building a platform. You're creating a content strategy that will allow more of your audience to view what they need. Which is your content. See, people aren't general hanging out on just one platform. They bounce around a bit. By creating content and sharing that content on more than one platform, you're maximizing your ability to reach them.

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