Why Video Content Is KILLING Your Business

Want to know a secret?

Not all video content is created equal! In fact, your current videos could be killing your business potential without you even knowing it!

Today, I’m sharing with you how to create the right video strategy so your videos will create know, trust and like with your audience, and bring in leads to your business.

Let’s start with a couple reasons your current videos might be killing your business…

Reason #1: No one is watching them!

This one is pretty obvious, right? If your target audience isn’t watching your videos, you can’t help them!

Reason #2: You’re wasting their time

Did you know the human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s? It’s only 5 seconds! This means you have to get to the point right away!!

Okay now that we know why your videos might not be helping your business, let’s talk about how we can fix it!

Fix #1: Be consistent

Remember… we just talked about the importance of consistency and how to create a content plan last week. It’s time to put that to use! Consistency doesn’t mean you have to be putting out new videos every day, or even every other day. Just make sure to show up on the same day, at the same time, so your audience can learn to count on you. Promote your videos to your current audience so they can support you by engaging and show the algorithm you’re providing good content.

Fix #2: Have a clear purpose

Think about it… what’s your goal for each video? Is it to bring in new email subscribers through your opt in? To get new attendees enrolled in your webinar? New clients signed up for a discovery call? No matter what the specific end goal, all of your video content should be driving revenue in your business. Focus on the value you are providing to each person who watches what you have to share with them.

Fix #3: Stop wasting time

I don’t want you wasting your time or your audience’s! As soon as that camera starts rolling, know your plan of attack… present your hook to the viewer and then tell them how you’re going to help them resolve it by the end of your video. Bonus points if your resolution drives leads to your business!

You’re also probably wasting time trying to create new pieces of content for each platform. Or spending time on disappearing content like Instagram Live or your Instagram stories. Did you know you can repurpose content across many platforms and make your job so much easier?! Check out my FREE Video Roadmap Multiplier where I show you how to repurpose one YouTube video for 10 different pieces of content. It even includes formatting dimensions for each platform you might use!

Fix #4: Get more engagement

  • Tip 1: Plan questions throughout your video to get interaction, then make sure to take the time to respond to comments! This is a great way to engage directly with your audience and, again, build that like, know and trust.

  • Tip 2: Suggest actions! Make it super easy for your viewer - ask for a heart or raised hands emoji if they’re watching.

Do you have a better understanding now of how video can really help or hurt your business? Check out my full video for even more details and don’t forget about the Video Roadmap Multiplier! I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to repurposing the video content you’re already creating and turning them into new leads for your business.

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