What To Write In Your YouTube Description Box

Are you feeling stuck with your description box? I get it. You've put so much work into the video and being creative that writing down a description can feel overwhelming. In this video, I'm sharing what you need to put in your description box that will not only help you be found in search results but also drive traffic to that ever important email list!

The first thing I want to talk about the parts of your description that need to be in every single video. Because every video should have a few things in common. But don't worry, you're not going to be typing the same thing over and over and over again. Instead, you're going to take advantage of upload defaults. Check out the video on how to set those up.

One of the best things to add to your descriptions is a call to action of sorts. This is one that you'll use to ask your viewers to subscribe. Now the way that you'll do this is by adding some info asking them to subscribe and including a subscribe link. This is where some will make the mistake of just linking their YouTube channel. Instead, give them the link that will automatically subscribe them. Check the video for that magic link!

The next addition will be a link to your latest video. YouTube likes it when you keep people on YouTube. So add a link to your latest video to encourage viewers to check it out! Now you can easily get a promo link like this from Tubebuddy OR just update your upload defaults each time you upload a new video.

Along that same vein, you'll want to add playlists to your description so that your audience is being directed to new videos and you're keeping them on the platform. Not only will YouTube love that but it's shown that the more content a viewer watches, the more inclined they're going to be to make a purchase from you at some point!

Now it doesn't stop at just keeping people on YouTube. If you have a business, you know how important your email list is. This is a great place for you to include a call to action to get people to sign up for that email list! Now don't just say "Sign up!" Give them a reason to opt in!

Finally, I add my social links and any affiliate links that direct to products I'm asked about frequently.

Now let's talk about what you'll be adding to the descriptions of videos outside of the upload defaults.

For every single video, you should be creating a one to two paragraph summary of the video for the description. This is the time that you'll use your video keywords conversationally to help maximize the YouTube Algorithm. You can then copy and paste that part over to your blog for a blog post!