How To Make A Youtube Channel Banner

how to make a youtube channel banner

If you are thinking about starting a Youtube channel or you already have one, the most important brand element of your channel is your channel banner!

When someone visits your channel this is your chance to grab their attention and basically your billboard to stand out!

But what should be on your banner?  Should it just be a logo?  Should you include text?

And what are the channel banner dimensions to make sure you are crafting the perfect Youtube channel banner?

I’ve got you covered!  In today’s video I’m answering all these questions AND showing you some great channel banners for inspiration and a channel banner tutorial using PicMonkey!


The three most important things to include on your channel banner is:

  • Your business name/logo
  • A brief tagline or what your channel is all about
  • Your upload schedule

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Who’s planning to start a Youtube channel this year?  Or have you already started one?