Video Ideas To Make Your Business More Money

If there's one thing I've learned in helping over 100 channels with YouTube strategy, it's that all videos are NOT created equally! Especially when it comes to converting viewers into paying clients or customers.

It's time to get stop creating content just for the sake of creating content and start using video marketing more strategically. We're going to dig into video for business and how you can use your YouTube video ideas to not only build an audience but help your viewers feel more compelled to make a purchase!

When it comes to YouTube videos, you're going to want to dig into the three major categories: Discoverability, Community and Sales.


Videos that fall into this category are the ones that help you rank in searches and show up in suggested videos. These are the videos that will attract people that have no idea who you are and will entice them to follow you more. I like to think about these videos like a fishing net. You cast that net to pull in as many new viewers as you can.

There are so many great ways to catch those viewers but the most important ways are through your thumbnail and title.


While in some cases, we're looking to go big, community videos are one of those cases. Instead, these are created to build a connection with your audience. This is a great place for you to share the real and the raw, share mistakes you've made and parts of your story.

Community is so important because this is what builds that know like and trust that is so necessary in cultivating a relationship with your subscribers.


This is how you're going to make money on YouTube. You'll use this video to make the sale, but remember... you have to play nice with YouTube. That means you have to follow YouTube's "rules." All of your other videos should aim to keep viewers on the platform soo don't send your viewers to your opt in or sales page UNTIL the video!