Video Ideas To Engage Your Email List

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Want your email list to be more engaging? Tired of sending out that weekly newsletter and no one ever responding?

Have you tried sending a video newsletters? In this video I'm going to share with you 4 video ideas you can use to send to your email list to get more engagement!

The first idea is just turn your regularly scheduled newsletter into a video.

Turn on your web cam, iPhone or lap top camera and simply talk to your email list on video. Sending them a video allows them to get to know you better and they are able to remember you more if they see you through video. Plus, it's a proven fact that people are much more willing to watch a video newsletter than read a newsletter

The second idea is creating a tutorial.

You are obviously an expert in something am I right? So show your list how to do something. Something that will give them a small win and be excited! For example I might share a tutorial on how to customize your YouTube homepage or make a video thumbnail. This gives those on my list a highly valuable video and a small win to build my know like and trust with them.

And a bonus of creating this video not only do you have a YouTube video BUT you can repurpose this video in an email funnel!

Create a "Get To Know Me" video.

This video idea is a multipurpose video and you can use it on your YouTube channel and website too! It's basically similar to your about section on your website but do it on video! This again lets your list get to know YOU and see you for who you are. This builds more creditability and they will remember you much better!

BUT how do you send these videos? Because most email systems won't allow you to actually send videos in a mass email or it might head to your subscribers junk mail box. In my video above I walk you through how I use ConvertKit to send my YouTube videos.

Question of the day: Which video will you send your list first? Let me know in the comments below!

Video Ideas To Engage Your Email List