Video Ideas To Build Authority

video ideas to build authority

Trying to figure out what your first Youtube video should be can be tough.  There are so many options but nothing seems just right for you.  What video is going to help your business but be easy to film and effective to convert those viewers into email subscribers?

I got you covered!  In the video below I break down 3 different video categories you can use to start coming up with video ideas to build your authority.  I also talk about the benefits of each category and how you can get started with the video today!

Just the recap the four video choices I suggested were:

  • Opinion Pieces

  • Educational

  • Motivational

Still stumped at where to get started?  I designed a quiz to do the hard work for you!  Just click "Take The Quiz" below and let the computer algorithm make the choice for you based on your needs!

What did you get!?  I would love to hear your results in the comments section below!