Video Ideas for Business Coaches

You know video is important for your business but you are just too busy to even think about it.  In fact, you aren't sure what to even make a video about!  

You find yourself thinking, what would people want to see from me?  Why would they watch my videos?

Well first, creating videos is going to build your authority so fast!  I was only in business 6 months and was already title "the video girl" and spoke on 5 podcasts!  How I scored these interviews was the authority I built by being on video.

People were able to watch me actually talk about my niche, got to know me, and built a relationship with me by just watching my videos.

You can start creating video content now! 

Watch the video below for 3 video ideas for business coaches!


Next Steps:

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  • Do you have any questions or video ideas you think would be great for a business coach to create?  Share in the comments section below!