Video Blog Content Ideas

Psst!  Click the image to save it to your Pinterest!

Psst!  Click the image to save it to your Pinterest!

If you have been following this July Youtube series I’ve been doing here on my blog and on my Youtube channel (if you missed the past 2 weeks click here for week one and here for week two), then you will know I’ve been getting you ready to create a Youtube channel for your business.

We’ve already talked about the benefits of having a Youtube channel can do for your business and last week I walked you through how to get your business channel setup in Youtube.

So now you are ready to get started.  But where do you even start?  What should you even put on your channel?  What are some video blog ideas that you can do?

I’ve got you covered!

I have 3 quick ways to get your Youtube channel started with video content!

Periscope Broadcasts

If you Periscope these broadcasts are great to use on your Youtube channel.  Just think about the time you put into that broadcast.  Not only the preparation before hand but the time you actually spent broadcasting and the interaction with the viewers.  Why not use this valuable content and repurpose it on Youtube!

Periscopes are great to add to your Youtube channel because it shows people who you are.  It allows people to get to know you and see how helpful you are if you are answering people's questions,  And it gives them a sense of your personality.  Posting these broadcasts will allow a new audience to start building their know, like and trust with you.  Plus, you will now have your content accessible to a brand new audience who might have never found you before.

When you upload your video I want you to make sure you title your video with searchable keywords.  Just like SEO is important with your blog, it’s just as important with your Youtube videos.  Make sure whatever keywords you feel fit the best for your video, use it in the title, description box and tags.  This will help your video be found on Youtube.  

Most popular blog posts

You most likely have a gold mine of valuable information to share, it just might be in blog form!  Go to your website and check your analytics.  See which blog posts are getting the most traffic.  Which posts are being shared the most on social media?  Turn these blogs into videos!

Remember to keep the video short.  No more than 3 minutes long.  Just take the most valuable information from the blog and share it on video.  If it’s easier for you to write a script just for the video go a head and do that.  I actually write my blogs first, then I write a script for my video.  Sometimes I will put bonus information in my video and sometimes I will put it on my blog.  This way it keeps viewers coming to my Youtube channel and blog.

Once you have a video created, you can embed the Youtube video to your blog post to boost it’s SEO and you can include your blog link on your Youtube video (through Youtube cards) and description box.  I think it’s great to let people know on both platforms that you have content on both.  


This option is great if you just aren’t comfortable being on camera yet.  Although I will stress, the more present you are on camera, the more you build your know, like and trust factor with viewers and build your authority.  But I understand how scary it can be to just put yourself out there on camera.  Tutorials are a great way to ease into it.

Record your computer screen using software like Camtasia or Quicktime to walk people through a process or show them how to do something.  Keep the tutorial related to whatever it is your business is all about.  If you are a business coach give a tutorial on your favorite business tool.  If you are a graphic designer give a tutorial on how to easily create a blog graphic using Canva.  If you are a brick and mortar business or an Etsy shop you might have to get more creative.  You could possibly show how you make something or a tour of your business without showing your self.  

The more people feel comfortable with you by watching videos, the more likely they will become paying clients.  


Answer some of the most asked questions you get.  Whether these are questions you get through email or social media.  Just sit down and answer a few questions.  If someone has asked you, they probably aren’t the only ones thinking that question.  

Or post on social media or your email list that you are doing a question and answer video and ask them to send you all the questions they have about you and what you do!  You are getting community interaction and helping them out by answering their questions.  Great way to build trust.


These are just 4 ways you can get started on Youtube!  Now I've got a challenge for you!  Whether you already have a Youtube channel or thinking about starting one, take my 4 day challenge to professionalize your channel!  You already have a beautiful brand image so why not make it translate to your Youtube channel?

This challenge only takes around 15 minutes a day and ups your Youtube game like no other.   To start the challenge enter your email address below and I walk you through everything you need to do to your channel to make it really stand out!