Tips For Launching An Online Course

tips for launching an online course

Launching an online course or a digital product can look so simple from the outside.  But what you really don't see is what's going on behind the scenes; fixing and editing slides to your pitch right before you go live, realizing you left out some important information on your sales page; forgetting to schedule an email...

So when I launched Youtube Bootcamp a few weeks ago I decided to vlog the launch!  That means I decided to record as much of the process as possible so you can see what it really looks like.  And since I'm pretty much a one women shop here, you get to see everything!

Check out my Launch Week Vlog below:

If you want to find out everything I did during my launch, step by step, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel because next week I'm sharing all the things I did to prepare for my launch so it wasn't as crazy as it could be!

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