Super Simple Video Editing Tricks!

For some people, maybe even you, editing the videos is the most intimidating part of video content creation. Sound like you? Today I’m sharing some easy tips to cut down on your editing time so you can spend more time working in your business!

Just a heads up… these first two steps are going to sound like they have nothing to do with the editing process but trust me, they have EVERYTHING to do with the editing process.

Step 1: You Need a Video Script

Or at least a plan for what you want to say. It’s SO time consuming to watch and edit out all of the raw footage that results from not having a plan when you start filming.

Your plan can be simple! I write out scripts for each of my videos, but you can even do bullet points. Create a plan to take your audience through a customer journey, starting with a strong hook to keep them watching through the end. You will definitely see a return on your investment as more viewers watch longer and are more engaged.

Step 2: Deliver Your Content Properly

Don’t try to film an entire video in one take! Take it a few lines at a time, making sure to finish your whole thought and pausing for a second before looking away from the camera. This removes the need to memorize your script and will make editing so much easier when you don’t have to cut out as many mistakes or as much rambling. Plus, people like jump cuts! They make it seem like you’re delivering content efficiently and like the video is going faster than it actually is. Don’t know what a jump cut is? See what I’m talking about in the video above!

Step 3: EDIT!

There are lots of good options for video editing. I use Final Cut Pro, but there’s also iMovie for Mac users, several Adobe options, and I’ve heard great things about Camtasia.

Once you’ve chosen editing software, it’s time to create a new project, upload your footage and get started. Spend the time getting your first video how you want it, then apply that template to all future videos! This will save you so much time in the future! Your template should include things like: call-outs, your branded introduction, formatted text, etc. Not sure how to do those things? Watch the video! I’ll walk you through this whole process step by step.

There are some great animated text templates available for purchase, which can really step up the look of your videos. Check out LENOFX and Pixel Film Studios. Also, do you have a library of your B-roll? If not, get to work on creating some! B-roll adds interest to your videos and will make them more engaging.

Okay Your Video is Edited… Now What?

Now you use parts of your video and drop them into social media templates to repurpose that hard work you just did! Makes sense, right? Not sure how to do that? I can help! Grab my Video Multiplier Roadmap where I teach you how to take you video and template it to be used in TEN different ways across social media platforms. It’s FREE!

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