The #1 Thing You Need To Know About SnapChat and Your Business Success

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You are posting to Instagram every day, asking a question like the industry experts tell you to but no one is answering you!


Not only are you feeling like your posts are going unnoticed, you spend 30 minutes editing a photo and coming up with a great caption!  And no interaction!


Total crickets over on Facebook and next to no interaction on Twitter either.


It feels like you are getting nowhere with your social media strategy and you are spending all your time creating the content for it.


I bet you are thinking, ok are you going to give me the magic formula?


Yes I am and it’s called SNAPCHAT!


Before you start thinking, “Isn’t that the new thing teenagers on are these days?”


Guess what!  77% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18-55.  And there are over 8 billion daily views on Snapchat!  It is quickly growing to the number 3 social media platform behind Facebook and Instagram.

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Now let me tell you why I’m in a love affair with Snapchat


1.     It’s easy!  No more editing Instagram photos for hours or spending money on stock photos!  You can just be you and that’s OK!  In fact its pretty much encouraged.  There is no need to fear not being perfect! PLUS you can post as much as you want, whenever you want!  No strategy in figuring out if 3:42PM EST is the exact best time to post.

2.     Your audience is already on Snapchat, especially if you are targeting millennials.  60% of millennial are already on Snapchat.  Plus the people who are most likely to follow you on Snapchat are the ones who are most interested in you and the most likely to buy from you!

3.     You are actually getting more shelf life out of your content on Snapchat than Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!  The average post on Facebook is gone with in an hour and half, Twitter you have about an hour and Instagram you only have 45 minutes until your post in buried under everyone elses.  On Snapchat your story is available for 24 hours and as you update your story, it gets moved to the top of the list!


Honestly, the engagement factor with Snapchat is astonishing.  You don’t need to worry about how many followers you have because the people who are following you are much more engaged than any other social media.  It’s not like Facebook or Twitter, where someone just scrolls through a feed.  In SnapChat people are actively clicking the content they want to watch and you have their undivided attention for your story!


You are probably think that’s all great but how would Snapchat work for my business and my brand?  Well let me tell you!  I have 5 different strategies you can use on Snapchat.  You can use one or all of them!


Strategy # 1


Behind the Scenes


A behind the scenes strategy is great for humanizing you (or your brand) and letting people have a sneak peek into your life.  If you are selling digital products you can Snapchat what a typical day looks like or what your office looks like or what you are struggling with through out the day.


Giving people a sneak peak into your life allows your followers to connect with you on a more personal level (building brand trust!) and it gives them a great reason to interact with you.  Maybe they are struggling with the same issues or they ate the same thing for lunch!


Strategy #2


Product Launches/Exclusive Promotions


Snapchat is a great opportunity if you have a launch planned.  You can bring your Snapchat friends along with you for the ride.  Show them what steps you are taking to launch.  What tools you are using.  How you cope with the ups and downs of running your own business.  It really humanizes you and builds amazing brand loyalty and trust.  And then you can show them the final product before anyone else gets to see it!  It gets them excited and ready to purchase before anyone else even knows about it!


Snapchat is also great for a creating a “secret club” or providing exclusive promotions.  You can let your Snapchatters know when you are about to launch a product, post a blog or even get on Periscope. You can tell them to post a secret emoji or word in the comments section, which allows you to see who’s watching your Snap stories and it makes them feel like they are apart of something special. 


Also, if they have been following you along your launch journey, why not provide them a special webinar or promo code for being such an engaged and supportive community.


Strategy #3


One on One Interaction


In SnapChat you can send your story to everyone following you, but your followers can only respond to you one on one.  This feature opens the opportunity to have really engaging one on one conversation with your followers.

People are much more comfortable interacting with a human on the other end, so having this one on one opportunity, you are more likely to get more honest feedback.


Instead of asking that question on Instagram, ask it on Snap and tell your followers to send you a Snap with their answer.  You will get much more honest answers and more responses!  And think how much more personal receiving a video message is to a follower!


Or have a Q&A on Snapchat.  Tell your followers to send any questions they have for you and feature their question in your Snap story and give them a shout out!  They get to be apart of your story and have their question answered! Great for building an engaging community.


Strategy #4


Create a Sense of Urgency


Your Snaps will disappear in Snapchat after 24 hours.  This is amazing for creating a sense of urgency because they have to consume it or lose it. Your content immediate attention.  No more throwing your blog post out there on Twitter or Instagram and hoping they see it and click on the link.  If they watched your Snap story they followed you through creating the blog content and images and saw when it went live!  Now they are excited and want to read what you wrote!


You can even download your stories every day.  If there was a day where you were just killing it on Snapchat and you want to repurpose it on a YouTube video, you can do that!  Just create a custom thumbnail for your video and upload it to your channel.  New content to live on forever!


Strategy #5


Take Overs


Take overs are when you have someone else (brand or individual) take over your Snapchat for the day.  That person will tell all their followers to watch them over on your account.  This is an amazing strategy for growing your Snapchat audience!


This is similar to a #followfriday where you are getting an introduction to a brand new audience that might have never found you on Snapchat.  They are introduced to you and your brand and are now invested after watching you for the day.  BAM new engaged followers all in one day!


These 5 strategies are just the tip of the iceberg for what Snapchat is doing for brands and companies.  If you are interested in seeing what people and brands are doing on Snapchat here are some of my favorite Snapchat accounts to follow;

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And if you are already on Snapchat add me! 


I can’t wait to see what you are doing and chat!

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