How To Quickly Analyize Your SnapChat Strategy

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post on why I’m in love with SnapChat for business.  You can read that post here.  In that post I listed different strategies on how to utilize SnapChat for your business.  What I’m now realizing is having these strategies is great but how do you know if it’s effective, if you don’t know how to measure your analytics!

Today I want to tell you about the amazing analytics you can acquire from Snapchat totally free!

If you just started using SnapChat, measuring your content success might be confusing.  You might not be sure how to measure what your posting is in fact quality content and if its reaching your people.  Snapchat is unlike any other platform where it’s not the number of people following you that’s important, it’s about how many people are viewing your snaps on average.


Here are 4 analytics you need to be tracking to determine if your SnapChat strategy is working!

1. Total Unique Views

Total Unique views is the number of people who have opened up the first frame of your snap story for at least a second.  Why is this important?  This number is going to tell you how many people are actively watching your content.  If your number starts to grow or decrease that will give you a good inclination on whether or not you need to reevaluate your SnapChat strategy.


You can also see who exactly is watching your content.  Make sure you keep your most active viewers engaged by sending them a quick message to see how their day is going or go over and watch their story.  They will see you watched their story and it will show them you care about them!

2. Total Story Completions

The goal of SnapChat is to tell a story within a 24-hour time frame.  You can string multiple 10 second Snaps to create a cohesive story.  This story could be all at once or through out the day.  The SnapChatters who are crushing it are telling the best stories.


When you have a story with multiple frames you will want to see the amount of people who viewed the last snap to measure the number of people who have completed your snap.  If you tend to have a lot of views in your first couple of Snaps then you see a huge drop off, it’s probably because you aren’t offering quality content or keeping the views attention.  You need to use this information to re-evaluate your strategy. 

3. Completion Rate

Completion rate is the percentage of people that started viewing a story compared to how many of them saw the last part of the story, or in other words, watched your whole story. You can start collecting this information for each story you post.  If you start to see a dip in completion rate, take a look at what you posted about that day.  Maybe it wasn’t providing enough value, maybe it wasn’t entertaining.


Keep track of your completion rates in an excel spreadsheet and take notes as to what you snapped about that day.  After a few weeks you will start to get a better understanding of what types of strategies and content your viewers like to see from you.

4. Screenshots

Snapchat tracks and shows you how many people have taken screen shots of your snap.  This is HUGE!  Tracking your screen shots is essential in measuring your engagement factor.  Not only can you see how many screen shots you got on a snap, you can see who’s taking screen shots!  You can use this information to personally reach out, follow up and potential make a sale or upsale!


Another great way to utilize screenshot analytics is to provide SnapChat only URLs or promotion codes.  You could use a specific link and track how many times it was used! An amazing way to see how engaged your SnapChat community is!


You can also get your SnapChat followers engaged by performing polls on SnapChat!  If you have three different mock ups for a new project or piece of jewelry, you can ask your SnapChat followers to snap their favorite!  It keeps them engaged and feeling important since they get to be a part of your decision making.  If you want to take it up a notch you could ask them to share the screen shot on Twitter so you can see which is their favorite.  Then you are moving your SnapChat followers to your Twitter plus letting your Twitter followers see cool exclusive stuff is going on over on your SnapChat!

BOOM!  Cross promotion!

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