Powersheets Planner 2019 Walk Through AND Giveaway!

They are here and they are my absolute favorite way to set goals and hold myself accountable for monthly goal setting! Here is the Powersheets planner 2019, an planner unboxing and Powersheets walk through to see if these are for you are now!

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When I first decided to buy Powersheets from Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matter's company I was not a goal setting kind of person. When I did set goals they weren't attainable goals and I didn't have a clear way to reach those goals either. With the Powersheets planner I was able to walk through all the amazing goal setting exercises Lara Casey lays out for you and helps you master a clear plan to attack your goals to have the best year yet!

Check out my true Powersheets review in this video and what my Powersheets look like!

powersheets review 2019