Plan Your Most Productive Week EVER

If you've ever looked at my weekly to do list, you may think that it's actually my monthly to do list. Mostly because I stay VERY productive. It's not that I have some secret sauce that keeps my time management running nor do I have a productivity fairy making things happen.

In this weeks video, I'm sharing how you can plan your most productive week ever by showing you how I create a weekly plan for myself to keep my business running smoothly while still being present for my personal life.

Brain Dump Everything.

I start my weekly planning by sitting down on Sunday and brain dumping everything I have on my mind. This may include things like what I'd like to accomplish in my business or extra activities my family may have. Once I have a brain dump, I'm ready to dig into what actually needs to be done.

Know Your Goals.

Knowing your goals allows for clarity around what actually needs to be done in my business as opposed to doing things just for the sake of doing them. That's not a reasonable way to manage time. Instead, I break down my goals in chunks. I tend to work in 90-day increments so I know exactly what tasks I need to focus on to reach those 90-day goals.

Group Similar Tasks Together.

It's no secret that I batch as often as possible. By batching similar things together, you avoid something that is very harmful to your productivity. Context switching. Every time you switch between tasks, you're actually losing IQ points around that task. So if you're working steadily through the same tasks, you'll be able to work more effectively and more efficiently.

Block Time Off for Calls.

If there's one thing that batching should tell you, it's that I hate jumping back and forth between tasks. Which means I can't go from working on strategy for a channel to then hopping on a call with a client. Instead, I block off chunks of time throughout the week that are specifically for calls like client calls or even podcast interviews.

Plan Out the Personal Stuff.

I plan out my personal life as well so I can focus on what I need to. No wondering what I'll make for dinner during the day because I plan it out. I know what the routine is for our family and that makes working effectively so much easier!