My Camera and Filming Set Up For Youtube Videos

Need a clear blue print on how you to launch your Youtube channel successfully?  Need someone to map out all the clear steps you need to take?  Grab my YouTube Launch Road Map!  It easily walks you through the 10 steps to finally have a YouTube channel that gets views and more importantly brings you qualified leads for your business!

Being a busy business owner and mom I've got to be super efficient with my time, so when I have time to film youtube video, I film 12!  Batch filming is the absolute best way to make youtube videos I'm bring your along, behind the scenes to share my camera and filming set up for youtube.

In this vlog style video not only am I sharing how I make Youtube videos but I'm also sharing my entire filming routine including my camera makeup, filming routine and my favorite filming set up.  Watch the video to see me film 12 Youtube videos in one day?  

Filming Routine