How To Use Video To Build Know, Like and Trust Factor

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I know you probably heard a lot about video content and how important it is to your business.  And you probably thought about video content but you are too busy or don’t like being on camera.  I want to tell you today, why you really need to re-consider and start creating video content for the good of your brand and company.

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Know, like and trust is one of the basics when it comes to marketing.  If you can get your audience to know, like and trust you, you will be converting leads left and right AND you will be creating a community that sings your praises everywhere!  Bringing you even more leads! 

So how can video really take your know, like and trust to a whole new level?

The KNOW factor

Video is such a great tool to get yourself out there and allow your audience to get to know you and what you do! Letting your audience know you is the very first step!  People want to get to know a person before they buy anything from them.

You need to be visible! Potential clients need a face to relate to.  They also need to see you actually know what you are talking about and you aren’t a fraud.

Having video shows people how comfortable you are talking about a subject. If you can get across your point or teach them about your product/service through video, they are going to see you know what you are talking about. They also are getting to know you as a person which leads into the Like factor!

The LIKE factor

Not only do people need to get to know you, they need to like you. People aren’t going to invest their money in someone they don’t like!  And you need to accept that everyone will not like you and that’s OK.  Having your specific niche audience like you is ESSENTIAL in getting them to buy from you and sing your praises to everyone they know!  You aren’t getting the whole world to buy into you!

The best way to get people to like you is to humanize yourself and your brand! If you have a business of 10 people, use video to introduce the employees so the audience can see the faces behind the brand.

Or use video to give your audience a behind the scenes look at what goes on in your business. You could use video to show people your office or how you create a blog post. Video content is such a great way to start building your relationship with your audience and getting them to really like you.  Just be true to who you or your business, no faking it here!

The TRUST factor

Trust is your KEY ingredient! Without trust, no one is going to buy a single thing from you! People don’t just hand their money to anyone! So the best way to create trust through video is to provide valuable content and be consistent with your content.  Make sure it all fits together!

A great to provide valuable content through videos is tutorials! People love to be shown what to actually do. Following along in a video and seeing the process step by step, is so much easier than reading instructions. Lets face it, people are lazy! Here’s an example. If you search “How To Tie a Tie” 9 times out of 10 people are going to watch the video tutorial over the text tutorial! Having video tutorials provides value to your audience, which results in building your trust with them.

You also need to be consistent in the content you are providing.  If the main point of your business is organizing your house, you aren’t going to start providing content on how to groom your dog right!  You could provide content on organizing your business, organizing your car, organizing your bathroom and so on.  But you can’t take a total left hand turn and provide content for something so off topic! 

Another easy way to build your trust with potential clients is video testimonials! Having your previous clients send you a quick video on why it’s so great to work with you, will skyrocket your trust with potential clients. They see you do what you actually say you do!

You can start to see what video content can really do to take it to your business to the next level.  I provide business tips on my YouTube channel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I’m consistent with the days I upload and my viewers can trust I will keep the videos short, to the point and the exact same background and music.

I personally believe YouTube is a great platform to host all your video content.  Its super easy to embed YouTube videos in to website sites, plus you get the added bonus of search on YouTube!  So someone who might have never found you through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, might be searching a topic that you specialize in on YouTube and BAM there’s your video!

After they watch the video they already know who you are and made a decision if they liked your or not!  All you have to do is build their trust!  Such a simple example of how video can do so much for you.

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Let’s chat in the comments below about know like and trust!  How do you build your brand’s know, like, and trust?  What do you struggle with most when it comes to know, like and trust building?

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