How To Get Started With TubeBuddy

how to optimize Youtube videos with Tubebuddy

I’m all for tools that make life easier, processes simpler and results better!  One recent tools specifically for Youtube I found has been life changing.

It’s called Tubebuddy.

This tool allows me to research video ideas and allows me to validate my ideas by showing me if the keyword score is a good idea or not.  It also allows me to find the best keywords and phrases to optimize my videos to rank them higher in Youtube.

And the results are amazing!  Just in 1 months I doubled my channel subscribers and am constantly ranking my client and I’s videos on front page Youtube search results.

This tool also has other amazing capabilities like publishing your video natively to Facebook, calculates the best time for your to publish your video, bulk uploading and editing along with so many more time saving features I could go on for days about.  

But I will save that for another post!  Today I wanted to show you how you can get started with Tubebuddy and start using its awesomeness for your videos.

Check out the tutorial for how to download Tubebuddy and how you can get started with Tubebuddy today!

Learn more about Tubebuddy here

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