How To Get More Traffic To Your Website From Youtube

One of the biggest struggles use online business owners have is getting traffic to our website without having to pay for it right!  We know there's SEO and getting on Google and all that jazz but it can get confusing and can seem so overwhelming! 

But I've been focusing all my efforts into Youtube and I'm getting consistent growth in my website traffic each month!

Now you're probably thinking, Youtube is a different platform... how are you getting people from Youtube over to your website? Let me unlock the secret for you!

In today's video I'm going to give you 5 ways you can use Youtube to generate more organic traffic to your website!  Check out the video below!

In this video I give you the 5 ways I'm using Youtube to get viewers over to my website; 

  • Youtube cards feature

  • Youtube annotations

  • The importance of having a link in your description box

  • Youtube endslates

  • Providing the viewer an opt in

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