How to Wake Up at 5 AM Even if You Don't Feel Like It

You're not a morning person but you're ready to start waking up early and making the most of your day. I know it's hard to wake up early but a 5 am wake up can do wonders for your day and your productivity.

In this video, I'm going to be sharing how to wake up at 5 am even if you don't feel like it. And trust me, there will be days that you don't feel like it! But with these tips for waking up early, you'll be getting early in no time!

So let's do this. Let's show you how to be a morning person. Finally!

Go to Bed Early

I know this is pretty obvious but the truth is that people set themselves up for terrible mornings when they go to bed too late. Take the time to start to work your bedtime earlier and earlier. My husband and I go to bed between 9 and 9:30 PM every weeknight and it works for us!

Do NOT Hit Snooze

Want to make sure you won't actually get out of bed? Hit that snooze button. Experience has taught me that hitting the snooze button is an easy way to make sure you stay in bed. Instead, commit to standing up when that alarm goes off and get started with your day!

Set Out Your Clothes the Night Before

Getting dressed helps me be more productive so I have clothes ready and waiting for me to get started. You can always wash your face and brush your teeth right away, those acts are great for helping your body wake up!

Have a Plan

You may be tempted to just say "Yay!" when you wake up early but having something to look forward to will make getting up early a little easier. But the key here is to ensure that it's something that you like. I use my mornings to work out and I choose workouts that I love!

Think Through a Morning Routine

Have a routine that you can work through without a lot of thought. For me, it is waking up, drinking water, brush teeth, workout, meditate, journaling, etc. Really, you'll want to cater your routine to your goals and what you want to accomplish before everyone else is awake.

Have a Why

Know WHY you want to get up early. Having a why will help motivate you on days when you just don't want to wake up earlier.

Accept There Will Be Days When You Don't Wake Up Early

You have to listen to your body first. There may be nights when your kiddos are up over and over again and you just didn't rest. Maybe you're sick. Whatever the reason, there will be days when you just NEED more rest for yourself and for the people around you. Don't let those mornings discourage you. Get the rest you need and start getting up early again when you're ready!


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